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Red Dawn

Today, we’re going to bleed some SolSys Instagram over to the website. 35 years ago this month, the movie Red Dawn was released in theaters. In anticipation, we saw this trailer all summer long.

13 Responses to “Red Dawn”

  1. Martin says:

    I loved that flick so much. The remake was awful though.

  2. WagenCAV says:

    Love that movie! I grew up with it. Wasn’t too impressed with the remake

  3. jon says:

    my new school mascot (I’m a teacher) is the Wolverines… I’m already looking for the spray paint decal (since I can’t put something with a gun on my work computer)…just need to find it in blue or red.

  4. Tactical Pro Shop says:

    Every 4th of July. At least.

  5. Amer-Rican says:

    A truly patriotic film that should be watched by all Americans on Independence Day- every year! History teachers should be showing this, along with the John Gault movies, to all their students every year.

    It’d be really smart for all history teachers to show Yuri Bezmenov’s videos, and Prager U’s videos, too.

    • lcpl1066 says:

      I like watching Ferris Bueller’s sister get good cheek weld on a pkm stock as much as the next guy, but they day my kids are watching 80s action movies in class is the day we switch to a school with a more rigorous curriculum.

      • Jon says:

        As a history teacher, I agree. If we had a “free day”…I.e. half the school is out on field trip…maybe. But the issue is that most schools wom’ Allow it to be played and we are already on a tight timeline to meet state standards for topics. I have (and will continue to) Showa clip or two from the movie in the context of showing tensions during the Cold War. So students can see how Hollywood shows we hated the Russians. This lets them get a better feel for the better dead than red mentality when we study the Cold War. But if I just showed this, I’d be failing to meet the standards.

        +1 on ferris’ Sister tho.

  6. Brian Harris says:

    I was smuggled wit HB about 10 kids into highway 39 in Westminster Ca. We were all from GG. THIS was our movie and we were ready after it. Now OC has also fallen and only 3 of those 10 are still in state. Cant blame them. It truly was a rally cry. Great movie.

    • Iheartptbelts says:

      I remember that drive in, its a shame it got bulldozed to make way for a walmart. Red dawn was the first R rated movie I ever watched. The remake was the first war movie Ive seen where I hoped the enemy smoked all the Americans. Absolute trash.

  7. Ed says:

    Love this movie. Back when Patrick and Charle where bad asses.

  8. phlegm says:

    I visited some of the spots where it was filmed in New Mexico. It was every bit as surreal as visiting famous WWII locations.

  9. G1E says:

    American kids defending their country…outstanding! Enjoyed that first movie very much. I happened to be driving through New Mexico when they were filming when a public service announcement came over the radio explaining that the parachute drop of Russian/Cuban soldiers were actors filming a movie as one wayward parachutists had already been taken prisoner by an elderly woman and her shotgun. She knew Commies didn’t belong there!!