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LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun from Langdon Tactical

NEW from Langdon Tactical – The New LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun is the ultimate in features giving you a complete shotgun straight out of the box: A Beretta 1301 shotgun,  M-LOC rail mount options on the hand guard, MagPul Tactical Shotgun Stock, QDC sling mounting point options and 7 round magazine capacity.

We took the Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun and added: Airdus MagPul Zhukov Handguard, Aridus Industries Stock Adapter, MagPul Stock, Nordic Components Mag Tube Extension Kit, Nordic Components Enhanced Magazine Tube Follower, the Aridus Universal QDC Side Saddle and CROM Mount (Rob Haught Version)!

11 Responses to “LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun from Langdon Tactical”

  1. Amer-RIcan says:

    A good tactical shotty is always a fun option.

  2. Joseph says:

    I think instead I’ll just wear this tShirt http://bit.ly/iPacShirts

    • Todd says:

      Great reply Jospeh. A link to a company selling a T-Shirt that has received 12 complaints from the Better Business Bureau in the last 12 months. They have a B- rating for not delivering that not so awesome T-shirt and over charging their customers.

  3. Iceman says:

    Interested in hearing more about this M-LOC possible alternative to M-LOK?

  4. Rob371 says:

    So basically everything you would do to a 1301 with A 2nd gen latch all wrapped up in a ready to go package. Very nice.

  5. Chris says:

    Thank you Langdon! what about 7 rds? found a way to get around 922r?

  6. Intel6 says:

    What forend is that? A Magpul AK forend modified to fit or did they let the cat out of the bag early on a mew Magpul product?

  7. Hubb says:

    As if I need to buy ANOTHER shotgun!