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Qore Performance Pushes the Limits of Water Bottle Design with Newly Released IcePlate Curve

McLean, VA: Qore Performance is at it again, releasing the much anticipated next generation of their popular IcePlate water bottle for sale today. “IcePlate Curve”, as the latest iteration is called, “furthers QPI’s mission to transform human performance, protecting and empowering end-users in the most hostile environments on earth,” according to QPI Co-Founder and CEO, Justin Li.


IcePlate Curve maintains the power and storage specifications of the original IcePlate, such as an ultra-thin profile, powerful cooling (~70 watts) and warming capabilities, and 50 oz. (1.5 L) water storage capacity. New are several user-driven ergonomic and usability upgrades, incorporating the feedback from tens of thousands of end-users over the last 24 months. “We pride ourselves on designing for the end-user,” Li notes. “Every piece of user data pushes us to do better, to be better, and to continue to help our customers achieve physiological and psychological overmatch on the job.

IcePlate Curve design enhancements:

* Multi-Curve Geometry mimics and conforms to the Medium ESAPI armor plate. This first of its kind architecture provides an outstanding ergonomic fit for all body types, while providing greater surface area contact for cooling or warming.

* TotalDrain Technology with all-new Wide Fill Port facilitates accurate, rapid filling, no matter the water source. This port also serves as the drainage port, maximizing water storage and reliability while minimizing weight. Proprietary TotalDrain Technology recesses this single port at the lowest point of the bottle, making every drop drinkable, cleaning a breeze, and an effortless perfect fill every time.

* Q-Hex Baffle System provides enhanced structure during the freezing process, preserving IcePlate Curve’s unparalleled ergonomic geometry. When in the field, the Q-Hex Baffle System further reduces audible sound.

* IceCap allows IcePlate Curve to be stored with or without a hose for maximum storage efficiency. It features a universal Quick Disconnect interface that integrates seamlessly with most military and civilian drink hoses, allowing IcePlate Curve to go from freezer to field in seconds. A new, low-profile 90º elbow in black eliminates hose kink and is included with the standard drink hose.

* Side-Release Adjustable Armor Straps ensure IcePlate Curve can work with any plate carrier in the world between combat shirt and plate carrier. For users who want to run IcePlate Curve in their plate bag, the exact fit will depend on the specific plate carrier/armor combo.


IcePlate Curve has game-changing implications for customers from a variety of military and industrial applications, and beyond. “Individual performance enhancement is revolutionizing industries from individual warfighters to airlines to QSR. There is a clear competitive advantage for every warfighter and company that adopts our technology,” Li explains.

IcePlate Curve is now shipping on QPI’s website in translucent Frost, with Coyote Brown and Wolf Grey pre-orders shipping in the next few weeks. Ranger Green will launch this fall.

10 Responses to “Qore Performance Pushes the Limits of Water Bottle Design with Newly Released IcePlate Curve”

  1. ThanksSSD says:

    I got to love SSD as a platform exactly for this: Hey, Qore, ‘member my email? Yeah, the one you did not replied. Did it end up in your spam? Unlikely, as I got replies bevor.

    Same for Gentex/OpsCore (inquiered for the AMP in Europe, 3 mails send, 0 replies, actually did replied to my warranty issue earlier),
    SureFire (own the RDH-1 Holster, send feedback in, asked for a leftie Version, no reply at all),
    Aimpoint (Warranty case of a T-1 which broke fresh out of the box, 1x website contact form used, additional 3x mailing over a period of 2 months send, 0 replies – is getting solved by the shop I bought it from)
    and B.E. Meyers (user feedback to the MAWL-C1, asked for long advertised accessories which do not exist til today, 0 replies): Thanks for your deep connection with the ones who pay for your income. All companies who give 0 F**Ks about their (civilian) customers, as long as the Department Sales are running great. #2% for Support!

    * The 4 above are just representing the entire “TopTier” Industrie as there are so many companies that I texted in the past 10 years that did not replied.

    Is it me?
    Well: Visit the IWA, ask any europene booth, 8/10 will tell you a story how they got simply ignored by US companies. Have heared several storys in person by europene big players. If your name isn´t Rheinmetall, Thales, HK or similiar it will most likely end up like this.

    But hey, some cool US companies open up since a while and more and more offer international shippings + reply to mails. So, let´s hope they will rise and all other will fall!


    • jellydonut says:

      Going by this post alone you should probably work on your spelling and learn how to use the correct apostrophe symbol, and perhaps then someone might glance longer at your emails before hitting delete on them.

      • Sommerbiwak says:

        Obvioulsy not a native speaker (writer?) of english. Cut him some slack.

        • Tu says:

          When the OP is willing to go on a full multi-paragraph, passive aggressive tirade, I believe it’s well in the right to critique them on their English.

          Moreover, the OP didn’t even clearly communicate the intent of his message beyond the “did you miss my messages?” We have no idea what the subject was of those emails were or what the OP would like SSD to do. Downright childish if you ask me.

      • Philip says:

        Real-world gear support to Mil/LE customers also probably takes precedence over complaints from disgruntled European airsofters, which is the vibe this rant is putting off.

    • FS says:

      Can’t say the same about the US Industry, whether on IWA or at EnforceTac I experienced most of the US Vendors as fine people that had an ear to anyone and really stood behind their products. Sometimes you tell the guys about how you lost something during an exercise and they send you three pieces for free. Also it’s good to drink a beer or three with the guys. Something many European manufacturers can even learn from.


      • ThanksSSD says:

        True – you can talk in Person at these conventions. I had great talks with Safariland, but when I had some broken part at some ALS Holster (this triangle plastic cover on the outside), Safariland could not help in any way.
        I had great talks with L3 about Full-Cowitnissing the EXPS3, but when I asked a year later by mail if there would be any release, no reply at all.
        I had talks with Surefire, asking for Front-Removal Battery,
        still, a year later they do not even reply to a simply Question like the left handed Holster.
        I had great talks with many EarPro Manufacturs from the US/Canada, all convincing me that custom profiles for my ears are no problem: Now, when I ask Silynx or Atlantic Tactical for some off-the-shelf product, I do not get a reply either.
        There was a time Nacre (Sweden?) offered the QuietPro, happyly to everyone: Then Honeywell stepped in and now it is impossible to purchase the products anymore.
        3M: A German company, but all products that once touched US soil are impossible to get:
        IR IFF Patches? -> Material by 3M. They sell it to civilians with no question ask.
        You like to get a Patch with it, made in the US, like by FirstSpear?

        Uff… times getting harder to remember, but they have been a dozen more I expirienced all this by myself, and like I sayed: It is a “common wisdom” within the europenecommunity, from manufacturs to endusers, that contact to US companies is the worst of all in this industry.

  2. @jellydonut +1, especially since we respond to 100% of customer communications we receive (that we can read), individual or agency.

    • ThanksSSD says:

      @Core: Well, you can claim that, but that does not make it any more true.
      If you can not read the text of my email, why did you hesitate to ask for details?

      Copy of the Email, 06/10/19:
      Reply to some previous email of Justin Li, Co Founder of Core Performance Inc.


      I saw your new IcePlate Gen 3.
      I like to order it, and thank already for the redesign: The bottom opening sounds way better than the top one, like my got.
      (Note: I own the Gen 1 since release and got the Gen 2 as a warranty replacement).

      But, you still offer no Size S Variant or Swimmer Cut, mh?
      (Note: I was asked by Justin to tell them some feedback about the Gen 1 design. Except of some enforcements, I asked for different Sizes/Capacitys and Cuts, something that was “appriciated and noted”, but without any more feedback).

      May I ask if returning customers get some discount – bought your Gen1 back than?


      -> @Qore: I expect you will look up that mail @Qore Performance, and maybe you consider to reply that time?

      Sure I can understand that the other side deserves to receive some proper text, just out of respect for their time.
      But, I feel like relying just on the argument that my language is not on a proper grammatical level is somewhat of a cheap excuse,
      as this world still has more than 200 spoken languages and not everyone is priviliged that he never needed to spend any effort into learning your language (like most of the US or other english talking nations)!

      I did this all in my private time while you could decide to spend it else, so even if I fail you could show some slightest amount of empathie for my situation.
      Way to easy to point others out as inferior just due to the ability to use one of many “letter and word combination patterns”: Do brains work 1 to 1 in the language pattern we use? No. So it is just a1 tool – it will be replaced as soon as we have a better working one.
      So, please get more tolerant if you want to communicate with the world – else, it will be you and on the island of the few who speak english on the “basic nativ level” (besides, everyone who studys linguistics will laugh about your cheap understanding of language, and explain you that 100 years back all your rules do not apply, and in 100 years they won´t be the same either).

      Further: In cases of Warranty (Aimpoint) it does NOT matter if there is a gap to perfection. So, out of the 5 ones mentioned, Aimpoint does need to reply to stay legal with their actions,
      because supressing a warranty case sure is not.

      Sure, Qore does not need to do business with me again and could skip on me just because any reason they like, f.e. my language skills,.
      But they should not claim in public what definitly is proofed wrong,
      instead they maybe could have replied back than some friendly deny to my request, or?


  3. @ThanksSSD – It sounds like we did reply to your communication, so we’re a bit confused as to the issue? Our apologies either way, but it sounds like you have our contact info. Please feel free to contact us with whatever questions you have via your existing thread and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours (generally much sooner). We look forward to chatting with you then!