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The Delta Shovel from DMOS Collective

During last year’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market we told you about the Unbreakable Shovel from DMOS Collective. This year, they’ve introduced something new, the Delta Shovel, a collapsible shovel more akin to a full-sized military e-tool.

The Delta Shovel is available in two versions: 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum or 12 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel. Both are American made in their Oregon factory.

It can be configured as shovel or hoe and the T handle gives extra leverage while working.

Get yours on Kickstarter.

4 Responses to “The Delta Shovel from DMOS Collective”


    looks very interesting, but not really in the infantry e-tool genre. this is more of a vehicle shovel. sigh. i wish someone would invent the next better e-tool.

  2. Darrin Neale says:

    Shovels are always the area where odd designs go further. Always needed, cheap and widespread. Can anyone say trowel bayonet?
    This design is not perfect (pins?) and probably not needed, as a vehicle pioneer tool it is too complex, as an ET it is too large. Weight and size is not a concern for vehicle tools. Size and weigh are important if you have to carry it for days at a time.
    It may see a use in the adventure trekking crowd but not in the army. Keep it simple, robust and fit for purpose, that’s all we want.

  3. TweeMan says:

    A design for a better e-tool or personal shovel might be taken from avalanche shovels that are standard in backcountry touring. Light, compact, collapsible, and very strong. Obviously the squared-off blade shape would have to change, but the idea’s there.
    Similiar to this design, but less complicated.

    • SSD says:

      This does take from that. What’s more, you can swap this head with others from their line.