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LA Police Gear Launches New Website

LA Police Gear has launched a new website, powered by BigCommerce. Check it out and don’t forget to stop by the closeout section.

4 Responses to “LA Police Gear Launches New Website”

  1. EzGoingKev says:

    I buy stuff from LA Police gear all the time. Love their sales. I hope this site actually works as their last one was hit or miss.

    • Sean Frank says:

      You are 100% correct that the last website was a POS and never worked right. We lost a lot of time and money on that. We got this new site up and running as fast and we could. Good news is it is working GREAT. It just went live 2 days ago and we know of a couple of small bugs that we are fixing as we speak. There is a bug with the holster finder so it is now showing what we have in stock for S&W or H&K brand holsters. Other things are small you won’t notice. The filtering, search, and navigation is WAY better on this new site. I am really sorry about the crappy site everyone has had to look at for the last 12 months. Growing pains. I think we are over the hump now. Orders are flowing in good and we don’t seem to be finding or getting complaints of bugs. Site is VERY stable. Next up we are updating all brands and increasing our inventory. You can only order items that are in stock so you should be seeing any delays with orders you we used to have when we would let people backorder stuff. Now you can only order what is in stock.

      Thanks Soldier Systems for the post! And thank you to all our customers who had to put up with a poor performing website the last 12 months. We are past that now.

      Sean – Owner – LA Police Gear, inc

  2. BigDawg308 says:

    Well, I just got separated from some money. Picked up 2 pairs of Salomons and and an Oakley bag in the closeout section for less than the original cost of the cheaper of the two Salomons.

    • Sean Frank says:

      Yes I even bought some myself. Salomon boots are my favorite for everyday use in the mountain area where I live. Thats all I buy now and I grab our own closeouts when we get them. We just put a LOT of new stuff into the closeout section when the new website went live. Grab it while you can and thank you for being a loyal customer!