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Salomon Speedcross 5 Wide

You read that right, the new Salomon Speedcross 5 is available in wide widths. What’s more, the murdered out color scheme only has a small drop of Red, to remind everybody you’ve got still some heart.

I recently picked up a pair and these are the most serious lugs on a Speedcross yet. Offered in sizes 7-13 (half) plus 14.

Lots of technical details at www.salomon.com/en-us/shop/product/speedcross-5-wide.

6 Responses to “Salomon Speedcross 5 Wide”

  1. Adun says:

    I thought they had gone away from partial lugs in the Speedcross 4s due to durability issues since they had a tendency to rip off. Is that still going to be an issue with this model?

    • Adam says:

      I’m on my 4th pair of these right now. I haven’t had the issues of the lugs ripping off as I have with the previous generations.

  2. Stefan S. says:

    About damn time. That toebox was runway model sized!

  3. rob chan says:

    About time man!

    I have super wide feet and that speedcross toebox was narrow as F*CK

  4. Taken1 says:

    Not wide enough. I have wide feet not extra wide feet. Seems like only the uppers wider and not the soul or the lower. Salomon make them wider

    • SSD says:

      Science says your foot isn’t actually wide. You’re just used to shoes with a wide toe box.