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Ronin Fire Print

Offered by Ronin Tactics, the Ronin “Fire” print is by artist Marc Lee. Each is signed and the print number will be marked by Tu Lam and the artist.

History-In the teachings of “Fire” from “The Book of Five Rings, 1645” -Miyamoto Musashi explains the art of fighting as fire. As a former Green Beret, I have studied the physical movements of combat and had employed these movements during my time in war. Now as a Ronin, I seek for deeper understanding of the mind. During this process of understanding, I’ve reached out to the writings of past warriors for deeper understanding in the world and in myself. Now as a Ronin and a teacher to many, I find my connection as a human being with others seeking to improve themselves in life and during this process, I found deeper meaning within myself and my connection with the Heavens. “I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new.”

Get yours at www.ronintactics.com.

4 Responses to “Ronin Fire Print”

  1. Richard Exnicios says:

    You being a “Ronin” impossiable! Ronin were samurai with out a leader. There are no more “samurai” left in japan. Now if you want to fool people that don’t know the truth, thats on you. However let me inform you that a “true samurai, would not make himself something he was not.
    There are 7 codes that a “samurai” stood for here they are. “REI,YU,GI,MAKOTO,MEIYO.JIN, and CHU” Maybe you should learn them and apply them to your life.

    • Captain Nathan Algren says:

      I think you are taking the Lam’s use of the word Ronin a little too seriously pal….

    • SVGC says:

      Of all the things you could’ve sperged out about, you decided to choose this. No, Tu Lam was not a rouge samurai during the feudal period of Japan. Enjoy your decisive victory you spaghetti brained champion.

  2. Oh Billy says:

    Richard, you should go trim your neck beard, adjust your fedora and pop open a fresh mtn dew.