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Reptilia Launches Black Hole Polymer Mag Well for GLOCK Pistols

Reptilia’s new Black Hole Polymer Mag Well is designed for use with 9mm & .40 GLOCK pistols. Molded from reinforced polymer, the Black Hole’s enlarged magazine well opening helps facilitate more efficient reloads without adding unnecessary bulk to your carry or duty sidearm.

It utilizes a unique rear spacer designed to ensure seamless fit and compatibility with both Gen 3 & Gen 4 frames. Available immediately for GLOCK 19 with GLOCK 17 variant shipping late 2019.

• Compatible with GLOCK 19 Gen 3 & Gen 4 Pistols
• Reinforced Polymer Construction
• All Mounting Hardware Included
• Made in USA
• MSRP: $23.95


6 Responses to “Reptilia Launches Black Hole Polymer Mag Well for GLOCK Pistols”

  1. Magpul won't be pleased says:

    Do they have to blatantly copy a design of an existing product with everything they release?

    AR grip: virtual copy of Magpul grip, even down to the font and placement
    Red dot optic mount: Geissele rip-off
    This: see Magpul GL

    • SVGC says:

      It’s similar for sure… but so is pretty much everything in this industry. And every other competitive industry. The Reptilia mount has some aesthetic similarities to the Geissele but when the Geissele micro came out I thought it had some looks from the dogbone mount, which kinda looked like the larue mount and so on. I mean just look at the nylon market from the early 2000s on, everyone was tweaking a design and adding something a little bit different that someone might prefer. Geissele will do just fine and Magpul surely will too. I completely understand where you’re coming from but competition is good and drives development and ultimately the buyers will choose what will go forward and what won’t.

      • Nick says:

        SVGC, you’re spot on. The OP is just upset because he somehow didn’t know I-beams existed. I also wouldn’t be worried about Magpul, seeing as we showed prototypes of our polymer mag well to one of the owners about 5 years ago. We have a great relationship with Magpul, probably due to the fact we worked there for about half a decade. Lots of new products coming despite anonymous online haters, so stay tuned!

        – Nick, Co-Owner of Reptilia

        • Gabe C. says:

          Well said Nick, love my Reptilia stuff! Keep making more and take my monies! #BarrelGang

  2. mudd says:

    Weird.. the geometry of the Magpul GL and grips quite different from the Reptilla offerings

    The Reptilla Micro mount does not have the supersize snag catch tightening nut of the Geisselle offering.

    Small details of no importance. If only we could live in a single dimensional world of generic goods, without any evolution of products or market competition… O’ the joy.

    • Nick says:

      Indeed, the differences were intentional, thank you for noticing.

      – Nick, Co-Owner of Reptilia