82nd Abn Div CSM Displays Army Green Service Uniform

CSM Arthur “Cliff” Burgoyne Jr, the 82nd Airborne Division Sergeant Major, took to Facebook to display the retro-style Army Green Service Uniform which will soon be replacing the current Blue-hued Army Service Uniform. In these photos he wears all three headgear options: Overseas Cap, Beret and Service Cap.

57 Responses to “82nd Abn Div CSM Displays Army Green Service Uniform”

  1. Strike-Hold says:

    Beret and brown Jump Boots for the win! C cap is for legs, “Crusher” Hat should also only be for legs and General Officers.

    • Will Rodriguez says:

      Always preferred the overseas cap with the paraglider patch over the beret. We don’t need to copy European style to commemorate our rich history. If the paraglider patch was good enough for our first paratroopers it should be good enough for today’s.

  2. Scolon75 says:

    My opinion is i think for enlisted it should be garrison cap or beret, and for officers a regular service cap or beret. The crushed service cap look should be left to the Air Force. (Just my opinion).

    • Philip says:

      I *wish* we’d get this uniform or something similar over here… rather tired of looking like a blinged-up American Airlines pilot when I wear service dress.

  3. Gene says:

    The beret looks great with this, as does the overseas cap. The service hat looks like hot turds.

    If the Airborne is going to use the overseas cap, it needs the old school WW2 Glider/Parachute patch that was worn on them until the maroon beret was adopted.

    • Ray Forest says:

      Agreed. That overseas cap needs some sort of insignia. For airborne troops the glider patch is obvious but everyone else needs something as well. The service cap “crush” needs to be crushed right now. Like the beret only 10% of the troops can get it right. I mean here we have the 82nd CSM modeling it for FB and it still jacked up.

      • SSD says:

        At least the new retro-style overseas Cap can be “crushed,” unlike the old hark green Poindexter version.

  4. Rob says:

    Service cap is an easy fix put the stiffener back in it like most folks had back in WWII

  5. Insane Soldier says:

    Maroon Beret Only! This is an Airborne Soldier!! Throw the rest of the crap hats in the Garbage!
    Men Died for this Beret!

      • Maroon Beret says:

        This effectively ends the discussion.

        • Eric Scheerer says:

          Man, why didn’t retain the shiny buttons, buckles and cap badges? The “subdued” ones look like garbage.

          • Strike-Hold says:

            The final details aren’t nailed down 100% as far as I know. They might still go back to the shiny buttons.

            • Strike-Hold says:

              Oh, and even though he’s insane, I do agree on the “berets only” point. Its what we wear now, and its a huge source of pride as well as a mark of distinction.

              If you’re going to say that we should go back to the ice cream seller hat, then we should also go back to OG trousers and no jacket belt for EMs.

              At the end of the day, the AGSU is supposed to be a modernized homage to the WWII uniform – not an exact replica of it.

              • 32sbct says:

                On The “men died for this beret” comment. Think about all the paratroopers who died in WW II, Korea, & VN. None of them officially wore a beret. They wore the Overseas cap with the glider/para patch like the Soldier above. So if that is the measure of what hat should be worn with the new uniform, then the OS cap wins hands down. Frankly I think both look fine with the new uniform.

              • Will Rodriguez says:

                Always preferred the overseas cap with the paraglider patch over the beret. We don’t need to copy European style to commemorate our rich history. If the paraglider patch was good enough for our first paratroopers it should be good enough for today’s.

          • Farawaysoldier says:

            I like the subdued. I guess that’s the former Marine in me which thinks it looks much better.

            • Eric Scheerer says:

              Subdued buttons, dull cap badges and shiny branch insignia doesn’t mix well IMO.

  6. Yawnz says:

    Would be nice if they spent money on actual improvements to the military instead of useless ceremonial dress.

    • SSD says:

      They’re doing both. One of the things about being in the military is wearing uniforms. Part of that, at least here in the US, is a dress uniform. Those cost money no matter what they look like.
      The Army turns over pretty quickly. Considering the number of years to transition the service dress to the AGSU, the impact is pretty low. Those who would have to purchase it will be limited to professional Soldiers who would be expected to purchase a replacement dress uniform by that point anyway. The other category is commissioned officers.

      • Attack7 says:

        The logic escapes me why these folks have selective compliance about military service. Yawnz is asleep at the wheel.

  7. G says:

    No blue cord?

    • Israel Hoffman says:

      I noticed that too. I wonder why it is absent.

    • Rogue7 says:

      No blue cord or discs behind his insignia because he’s the Division CSM, which makes his MOS 00Z, not 11Z any more. He’s in compliance with 670-1.

  8. Joe Highs SFC RET says:

    Where is the Glider patch for the Garrison Cap.( We know what it is really called)

  9. Hugh says:

    Grommet in the service cap.
    Paraglider on the overseas cap.
    Brass or anodized buttons.
    BLUE CORD for infantry!
    Brown leather belt for enlisted.
    No pleats on the pockets for enlisted.

  10. Jerry says:

    “C%^T Cap needs a Glider/parachute patch on it!

  11. Ray Forest says:

    That flimsy cloth belt is gonna look pretty awesome on fat soldiers. It’s gonna fold over and bunch. Leather is probably the better option. Can anyone elaborate on the lack of the infantry cords and disks? Are they going away? Does that mean all the other similar devices will go away as well?

    • SSD says:

      It’s because he is a 00Z and no longer an 11Z.

    • RB says:

      I would argue the belt should be ditched entirely for enlisted ranks. The originals did not have it and a properly tailored uniform hides fat soldiers better than a belt could. The belt leather or cloth should remain for officers only.

  12. Adam says:

    Marines, and the few sailors who choose, look sharp in their Alphas partially due to the lack of bling.

    Seriously gotta cut down on it. Startin’ to look like Elvises.

  13. Adam says:

    Is Big Army still planning on keeping the black beret for all non SOCOM/Airborne personnel? This would be an excellent time to shit can it.

    • Joe says:

      Good point!

    • SSD says:

      That train left the station in 2001.

      • Eric Scheerer says:

        If they insist on retaining the blues, they should go back to service caps for all ranks like it was before. Personally I don’t see the need for the blues outside of honor guards and bands. Let enlisted wear a white shirt and bow tie (TAMU cadets already do this, it looks fine) and have officers buy mess dress like the Air Force does already. Mess dress looks better than the ASU+ bow tie anyway.

  14. Bill says:

    Hey, is this where I audition for the reboot of “Band of Brothers” ?

    • Bill says:

      Exactly, no one cared about this uniform until Spielberg brought it back into the popular consciousness.

      Looks fine but there was nothing wrong with the old green uniform either. We’ll see how this works once it hits the bulk of the branch.

      • SSD says:

        They have been discussing a WW2-style uniform for decades. It’s out history, not pop culture’s. The conversation always ended when the Ike Jacket came up.

      • Farawaysoldier says:

        I been politicking for this uniform since the 80s to now.

  15. Ton E says:

    Looks good…..still a waste of money.

  16. Kenneth R George says:

    Like the new uniform, barely wore a dress uniform in my 30+ years . Started out with the”busdriver hat then the c..t cap , it always felt as though it was falling o
    ff then the baret.I felt self-conscious because I wasn’t a Ranger. Also took to long to put on and wasn’t practical for working.Wear what you get, I’m retired!

  17. Kenneth says:

    Is this uniform to replace the service Dress Blues?

    • SSD says:

      The Dress Blue Uniform will go back to being the optional formal uniform it used to be.

  18. I’m Airborne 82 says:

    Yes. Everything in the garbage! Even the old green look better then this shit. The only thing that look good here is the Beret. Maroon Beret is the 82nd Airborne, I have an idea! How about the 82nd stay with the old uniform and call it a day. Airborne.

  19. Jon says:

    Odd question maybe but for the class B variant, will NCOs wear stripes on their sleeves again or still use the shoulder marks? I think the sleeves would look pretty good with this uniform.

  20. PC says:

    PEO-Soldier and the Uniform Board need re-evaluate the design for the Service Cap. While trying to emulate the USAAC/ USAAF “Crush Cap” style is admirable, the current design has the front crown for the cap tailored EXTREMELY too tall.

    In every picture seen so far with it being worn by either men or women, it looks like a WWII German Waffen SS (or Massachusetts or New Jersey State Police) Service Cap.

  21. Farawaysoldier says:

    Honestly, I think a beige/tan tie will look better. And with this tie, I haven’t seen one decent Windsor knot.

  22. SpankDaddyCool says:

    So is the point of this uniform to go back to the last uniform we wore when we were actually capable of winning a war?

    • Bob says:

      We won the Cold War wearing the old Class As, but apparently the service of those who served in Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, in Desert Storm, the Balkans, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom don’t count when it comes to “heritage.”

      • SSD says:

        Do you know the reason that uniform you hold in such high esteem was adopted?

        • Bob says:

          The Army had no uniform tradition in the early 1950s. Enlisted men and officers did not wear the same uniform. The uniform the EM wore was hampered by a jacket that was adapted from a piece of field gear. The Army’s uniform was also being devalued by widespread use of surplus uniforms by civilians.

          The Army went through several iterations of test uniforms from the end of WWII till the adoption of the AG44 and it was decided that a new uniform was needed. It would be distinct from the previous uniforms, and officers and enlisted men would wear the same uniform.

          The result was the Army’s longest lasting service uniform, one that was recognizably Army to the majority of the public, and was appropriate for all occasions where the field uniform and dress blues would not be.