Langdon Tactical’s Latest Project

Meet the Langdon Tactical Edition XD-E, their latest project. Although it’s a bit of a departure from Langdon’s work on Berettas. he likes the fact that the popular XD-E is DA/SA.

Their custom model incorporates a Trigger Job, Upgraded Sights, Low-Profile Hammer, and Sniper Gray Slide.

Like the Langdon Tactical Beretta 92s and PX4s, the Langdon Tactical Edition XD-E features greatly enhanced trigger feel and performance without sacrificing safety or reliability. They further enhanced Springfield Armory’s Low Effort Slide by reducing effort needed to rack the slide and cock the hammer even further.

One Response to “Langdon Tactical’s Latest Project”

  1. DangerMouse says:

    Surprised he didn’t switch the safety to a decocker.

    Somebody should buy the rights to the Smith 3913TSW and make those again.