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MISSION SPEC Produces the Spec Warfare Coloring Book

Brand new from Mission Spec, LLC. Introducing The Spec Warfare Coloring Book™.   

The Spec Warfare Coloring Book was designed with a dual-purpose mission. 1) To depict a more realistic snapshot of how our nation’s premiere warfighters appear, operate, and train. 2) To give something back. A portion of each sale of this publication will be donated to a charity that directly benefits Veterans of the United States and/or their families. Currently, sales of this item will benefit Folds of Honor. FOH’s mission is “To provide educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members.”

20 pages (2 copies of each 10 images) are included with this booklet.  You can download a free sample image to be printed out on the product page [link below] via the Mission Spec website.  Printed in the USA on domestically sourced paper.

4 Responses to “MISSION SPEC Produces the Spec Warfare Coloring Book”

  1. TheScrutineer says:

    But, if the Marine Corps gets these they’ll never be colored because they’ll eat all the crayons…

  2. Lasse says:

    The idea is good, but judging from the sample page it doesn’t give you a whole lot to work with. As an example, look at the right hand and M4 lower, it’s simply too washed out from the filters used, and all the important detail is gone.

    I don’t think I could even paint this up with PS to a readable image.

    (and yes, I gone to art school)

  3. Stefan S. says:

    Who still colors other than Jarheads? Are the crayons of the huge variety?

  4. Hubb says:

    Shut up and color!