McRae TerrAssault 2

Yes, We Have No Bananas

Not only do we have no bananas, we don’t have any Hoka boots either.

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries like this lately, so apparently it’s time to once again remind you that we don’t sell anything.

See that long list of advertisers over there on the right? ======>

They sell stuff. Go check them out.

7 Responses to “Yes, We Have No Bananas”

  1. Lasse says:

    Imagine all the money you’d be swimming in if every request like this gave you a sale. Retirement, retirement house somewhere warm, enough money to last your family generations etc.

    All because other people are idiots.

  2. Big pete says:

    At least they were polite!

  3. 6.8 pumper says:

    What it cost SSD?

  4. Sasquatch says:

    Hey, at least he’s not picky…he’s willing to take three colors and two sizes. I say you sell him something for his time.

  5. Joey says:

    Here’s what you do. You sell them the boots with a 200% mark up. They will learn quickly or not. If they want a second order. You give them the next ast could the previous price. When they bitch. You show them this thread.

  6. jon says:

    SSD- the title itself brought a smile to my face. In sept 2015, my mom passed away after a long battle with COPD (she was 68lbs when she died). But one thing she ordered us to play at her funeral (note- she was the church pianist)….was “yes we have no bananas”. We honored her request…and got a good laugh. We did not honor her request to be stuffed and passed around the kids like a creepy heirloom….that was a little too far (though it was always her favorite to bring up in conversation to freak people out).

    While I’m sorry you’re getting dumb requests, thank you for the funny title. It made my day.

  7. Shipital says:

    Ship ital?