GORE-TEX Professional

MDM 19 – Haix Combat Hero

Built specifically for the US Market, the Combat Hero is Haix’ first AR670-1 compliant boot.

This is great for those of you who like Haix but haven’t been able to wear them with your uniform.

It’s the right color, right height abd made from the right materials.


3 Responses to “MDM 19 – Haix Combat Hero”

  1. Strike-Hold says:

    Yeah, nothing says, “we understand and support the US market” like having your photo-shoot model wear German Army camo….

    • Philip says:

      Maybe with being based in Germany, tropentarn was a bit easier to readily access than any US patterns?

  2. Dr. Blutwurst says:

    Why every German military boot manufacturer makes chimney part so massively padded? Who needs to sweat shins all the time? And don´t try “ankle support” on me:-), I have jumped and rucked in body armour and/or large pack long enough in ordinary jungle boots and never had any problem…