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Thyrm Introduces the DarkVault and DarkVault-Comms

Critical Gear Cases with Optional Signal Blocking


Sunnyvale, CA – Thyrm is excited to announce the launch of their latest products; the DarkVault™ and DarkVault-Comms™ Critical Gear Cases. Developed with input from military and law enforcement customers, the cases provide battlefield-grade levels of protection while keeping gear immediately accessible for navigation and communication tasks. For many users who are constantly powering down their gear due to active counter-surveillance, the DarkVault case can provide isolation without constant power-cycling. DarkVault cases also provide isolation for field-acquired assets/evidence.

Featuring the same protection but without the signal-blocking, the DarkVault-Comms cases keep gear safe while allowing it to remain on-line.  

“Developing the proprietary material and case design was no small task, but our design team and industry partners did a great job and we’re absolutely thrilled with the final product” said Andrew Frazier, CEO of Thyrm. “We can’t wait to get it in the hands of our customers. “

DarkVault & DarkVault-Comms Cases Feature: 

? Solid, battlefield-grade construction

? Gasket seal to keep out water, dust, & dirt

? Quick MOLLE attachment system for external and internal mounting options

? Tunable hinge friction for on-body navigation and communication tasks

? Accepts locks & tamper-evident devices to prevent access to internals & secures case to MOLLE.

? Internal and external adhesive-backed loop Velcro® panels for ID and organization (included)

DarkVault™ signal-blocking cases also feature:

? GPS and Cellular signal blocking polymer construction. 90+ dB (decibels) of signal reduction between 300 and 1500 MHz to block standard cell tower signals, GPS signals and more.

As with all Thyrm products, the DV and DVC cases are designed and made in the USA.

To learn more or purchase, head to www.thyrm.com or your favorite Thyrm dealer.  

Government orders: gov@thyrm.com

2 Responses to “Thyrm Introduces the DarkVault and DarkVault-Comms”

  1. matty says:

    Wow! This looks great for guys who use ATAK and aren’t happy with some of the currrent products out there. Good job Thyrm!

  2. Jim says:

    I was really liking it but the price over here could make it prohibitive for my to buy, the last image makes it a must buy!