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Build Your Own M203 via Texas Machine Gun & Ordnance

Want to drop a Form 1 on an M203 tonight, have your grubby hands on an M203 next week, and be able to legally thump shit with 40mm rounds in the next 4-6 weeks? Help pump up Robert O’Rourke’s already record September sales numbers.

Get on our website, select a Title 1 receiver and purchase it. We just got a resupply from Lewis Machine & Tool. We’ll email you the S/N and other info for your M203.

You can then log on to ATF’s eForms, drop a Form 1 for your M203, and immediately get the ball rolling on registering your M203 as a Destructive Device. Recent reports say the turn-around time in 4-6 weeks.

The receiver will ship to your local FFL, and transfer in the same over-the-counter sale on an ATF Form 4473 as an AR-15 receiver would. Once you order the barrel, it will then ship to your house. Once your Form 1 is approved, you can then assemble the weapon into a complete Destructive Device.

Get your receivers as either barrel-mounted, rail-mounted, or the 7” shorty 40 here:


One Response to “Build Your Own M203 via Texas Machine Gun & Ordnance”

  1. Dale Hewett says:

    Interested in an undermounted 203.