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TacJobs – Weapons & Tactics Instructor Selection at The Range at Austin

Attention: Qualified Weapons & Tactics Instructors


The Range at Austin is a premier indoor firearms range offering classes for all skill levels on pistol, rifle and shotgun platforms is searching for part time instructor candidates. Period of performance will be 16-hours per week with additional days as needs arise. Days will be Sunday & Monday.

The instructor selection is a rigorous process consisting of three phases; the interview, skills assessment and instructor development. Candidates will be reviewed for instructor ability, experience and personality. Here is a list of minimum prerequisites:

General perquisites:

• 2-years of formal instructor experience with instructor certification

• Ability to communicate effectively and use adult teaching methods

• Ability to meeting minimum standards in both skills assessment and instructor development phases

• Minimum fitness standards

• 30-mile radius

Detailed instructor experience:

1. Experience in following lesson plans, schedules and practical exercises

2. Experience in delivering materials including content, sequence, timing, presentation and instructional methodology

3. Experience testing, rating, and scoring students

4. Experience in analyzing the results of testing, ratings and scores

5. Ability to perform administrative duties such as classroom/range setup & cleanup, property management, rental equipment and timeclock management

6. Ability to communicate with students to help determine optimal class based on skill level

Those interested in applying should email to [email protected]. Please follow these instructions closely; in the subject line place the following; “RESUME Last Name, First Name RESUME”. In the text body make sure to list the best contact number along with a resume and cover letter outlining the above. Closing date for resume acceptance is October 15, 2019. Those who followed instructions will get an email confirmation of acceptance only. We will be using a point system to rank potential candidates so make sure your resume lists recognized and formal instructor related qualifications to receive appropriate credit; schools like the NRA Instructor as an example. Based on how you rank will determine your invitation to the next phase; which consistent of the interview process to be determined at a later date.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from those interested. Take care and stay safe.


Jeff L. Gonzales

Director of Training

The Range at Austin

8301 S. Interstate 35 Frontage Rd.

Austin, Texas 78745

Email: [email protected]

3 Responses to “TacJobs – Weapons & Tactics Instructor Selection at The Range at Austin”

  1. Amer-Rican says:

    Jeff Gonzales makes for an excellent Director of Training.

  2. Nicks87 says:

    16hrs a week, Sunday and Monday? Lol ok sure. You mean you want someone to work the days the boss doesnt want to?

    The qualifications they are seeking place that person in a full time police or military related career field. Those jobs dont usually allow for part-time work.
    They’re looking for someone who is over-qualified for the offer they are making. Most people who have those qualifications will be looking for a job with more to offer to the potential candidate. I’m not giving up Church, Football and my one day off to work at a gun range and deal with clueless people just wanting to play Army for a day.

  3. EODMadBomb says:

    Sure, it’s a foot in the door, but that’s a lot of Qualification/hoops to jump through. All for the chance to maybe move on to the next phase, and just maybe get selected for the position!…
    …and work 16 hrs a week!