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Metisentry Acquires

Akron, OH – (Oct. 3, 2019) Metisentry, LLC, based in Akron, OH, announced the acquisition of

MilitaryHire began connecting veterans and employers in 2000. Employers quickly came to appreciate the character, skills, and service of the veterans they hired from MilitaryHire. Since then, MilitaryHire has helped over 500,000 veterans and employers fill critical positions within their organizations.

The acquisition comes only weeks after announcing a $10 million-dollar contract renewal from the U.S. Army for one of Metisentry’s other portfolio companies, Willco Technologies.

According to Metisentry President, Marling Engle, “As we push further into the investment side of the business, seizing opportunities within the military and government makes sense. We have a good deal of expertise in the DOD space with cyber security and credentialing, and similar experience within enterprise organizations. MilitaryHire will allow us to expand within that industry, while adding additional value for veterans and businesses.”

The acquisition was finalized on Aug 30, 2019. Metisentry will be acquiring the business assets and some staff.

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