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Arktis – A310 Rainshield Coat V2

New in October…the A310 Rainshield Coat V2 now comes in even more options. The A310 is a lightweight waterproof solution that weighs just 400g. With an included stuff sack, the A310 is extremely portable.

Mountain Camo (stock is very limited)


Navy Blue



6 Responses to “Arktis – A310 Rainshield Coat V2”

  1. stewart says:

    ATACS AU is available also!

  2. rob c says:

    Where would you use the Cadpat version.. you’d never be allowed to wear that on duty…

    • R711 says:

      The field son, the field LOL

      • Canadian says:

        Back when we didn’t put anything on our uniforms, sure- once they added the big velcro slabs, and we use them for bullshit badges in garrison, and IFF in the field- this will be a no go as an outer. (In most places anyway)

  3. Canadian says:

    Not that I don’t like this- but in CADPAT please have a removeable hood, and at least enough velcro for an IFF marking or our large flags. That would put this into a zone of worthwhile purchase.

  4. TPT1731 says:

    Arktis makes some quality garments and I am glad to see them continue to add to their lineup. I have been very happy with their quality and customer service.