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Hey US Army, Get The Lead Out

I’ve got switched on NCOs asking me how to get a copy.

7 Responses to “Hey US Army, Get The Lead Out”

    • SSD says:

      Did you actually click through there Scooter?


      You are a Fail at this station.

    • Mack’s Dad says:

      Mack it was pulled down, it’s not available on APD. Now quit being a condescending little turd, go clean your room and go to bed.

      • Mack says:

        I got my copy when it was first published and it’s just like the .8 that was out months before it was approved. Not hard to find stuff.

  1. Brian says:

    Just checked APD and found the manual is not available and was pulled down for updates. The placeholder on the page was dated 08/28/2019.

  2. Bondo says:

    @SSD/CC all
    For anybody switched on needing access to this document here’s the original in the interim while we wait for the field grades and Sergeants Major to finish rubbing out the good parts.