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In Memoriam – CMC (SEAL) Rudy Boesch

From the UDT SEAL Association-

It is with a broken heart that we inform you that Master Chief Rudy Boesch passed away last night. Master Chief was a legend in the SEAL and Special Operations community.

Rudy proudly served our Nation from 1944-1990 and his impact on so many individuals continues today.

Please join us in respecting his family’s wishes of privacy until we can release more details.

God Speed Rudy!

The man was a legend and very active here in Va Beach area. We are sad to see him go.

May He Rest In Peace

8 Responses to “In Memoriam – CMC (SEAL) Rudy Boesch”

  1. Alpha2 says:

    Served longer than I have been alive. Damn.
    God bless his family and friends.

  2. Steve says:

    R.I.P. Warrior

  3. Amer-Rican says:

    Rest In Peace, Chief. Condolences to family and friends.

  4. matty says:

    Rest in Power Master Chief

  5. CapnTroy says:

    Fair Winds, Frogman…

  6. AH says:

    I first heard of Rudy as a young teenager when he first appeared on Survivor 19 years ago, which led me to research him and start to learn more about the military and special operations, which put me onto the military path I ended up on.

  7. SShink says:

    “stuck on an island with queers”
    What a personality, RIP

  8. Jeff Wemmer says:

    Was at a little bar in San Diego back in the 90s unknowingly sat down next to Rudy. I remember to this day that he treated me like a regular guy asked all kinds of questions and was a Tonna fun to have a few beers with.

    I mentioned this a few months later to a Navy buddy… He said to me, good God, do you know who you were sitting next to!!!

    I replied, no, just one hell of a great guy is all I know!

    They don’t make them like that anymore… RIP Rudy, glad to have met you!!!

    The world is a better place with more guys like you in it!!!