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New Tycho Hooded Down Jacket from PDW

Warm, Light, Packable, Technical Mid-Layer Made with State of the Art Materials


Prometheus Design Werx introduces their Tycho Down Hoodie for Fall-Winter 2019. There is no better insulator known to man other than nature’s own goose down. The best warmth to weight ratio of any outdoor garment made.

The new Tycho Down Hoodie packs down small making it ideal to easily stow in any pack for wilderness pursuits. Made with state-of-the-art DownTek™ brand premium 850 fill power goose down that is 27 times more water resistant than untreated down, so the Tycho retains its thermal properties even if dunked or wet. Additional unique design details include an integrated stuff-sack storage camp pillow and detachable travel neck pillow, 6 pockets, a cozy brushed hood liner, and a 20D mini-ripstop nylon shell with DWR.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“Why choose goose down? There’s a number of very compelling reasons why down jackets are so popular and well used by the wilderness tribe. There is nothing lighter, warmer and compressible than a down mid-layer. Nature’s down is the most thermally efficient insulator known to man. No synthetics yet made can compare. When in the field, down jackets allow the user to be unencumbered by excess weight; when not being used, they pack down smaller than any other technical mid-layer and can be easily stowed in a pack. The one downside to down is if it gets wet. Wet down loses all of its thermal insulating properties. The Tycho Down Hoodie uses DownTek™ brand goose down which has been treated with a hydrophobic process to make it 27 times more resistant to water. It will even survive an accidental dunk and still insulate. This is a major leap forward in down insulated apparel. While down jackets were never intended to be rain wear, the Tycho along with its DWR shell will allow the user ample time to shrug off the first minutes of rainfall to grab a waterproof shell to wear over and not lose its insulating capabilities. It’s the quality of make and design details that makes our hoodie stand out and be the best in its class. We used premium 850 fill power DownTek™ goose down, a DWR shell, cozy brushed tricot hood liner, and expanded capabilities with its integrated camp pillow or detachable travel neck pillow. No other down jacket in its class has all these features.”

The Tycho Down Hoodie is a part of their PRO-Line of technical apparel by Prometheus Design Werx.

Available in Universal Field Gray, and Transitional Field Green.

The first limited delivery of the Tycho Hoodie will be available for purchase on Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 at 12:00pm PT via their website,

12 Responses to “New Tycho Hooded Down Jacket from PDW”

  1. BijDag says:

    It is wonderful that small companies like this, Firstspear and others in the USA are making high end outdoor/tactical clothing and kit. The prices may be just a tad higher but remember you are not buying cheap made in china garbage. Look at your labels, really do this, and consider not buying from communist regimes.

    • Lasse says:

      Just a “wild guess”, this is made in the evil communist country of Vietnam. In the blood red NV city of Hanoi.

      Or worse.

      • Larry says:

        Instead of guessing, do some research. Their other apparel items are cut and sewn in California.

        • Lasse says:

          God damnit, the quotation marks were supposed to signal that it wasn’t a wild guess at all…

          Here’s why:
          There are very few companies that make USA made down jackets. The cheapest I can find is $550, and most of them (you can count them on 2 hands) are above $1000. The PDW jacket if it’s made in the US would be the same- which is why it won’t be USA made. It’s simply a too high price to be consumer competitive against Asian made competitors.

          If this was made in the US, why not mention it in your press release? It’s just like the Shado 2, also no mention of US made and it was because it was made in Vietnam.

          Third and lastly, it really looks like a down jacket made in Vietnam. Fabrics, trims, sewning, technical solutions etc. Thankfully Vietnam has some of the worlds best technical apparel factories, so this is probably going to be a quality jacket at a competitive pricepoint.

          • bruce says:

            OK stretchy pants, it actually does sounds like a wild guess based on three debatable and subjective assumptions: you appear to have no clue where this jacket is made. I would also like to know where as I try not to buy things made in countries with corrupt, aggressive regimes and FWIW, unless your tactical/strategic reality is limited to climate change and receiving guidance in the downward dog position from Vancouver socialists, there’s a huge difference between buying from the chinese vs vietnamese. I’m getting a whiff of Swedish and Quisling in your approach. WEXIT!

            • Lasse says:

              Chance of it being US made: 0%.
              Then there is a high chance that it’s made in China, Taiwan or Vietnam. Since they already do some products in Vietnam it’s more likely than the other 2.

              I even had 3 different factories in mind.

              You got to lift your truck a bit more to insult me bud.

              • Jake says:

                Yeah… it’s not US made but it’s still quality kit dude… may have been “sewn” in CA, but even PDW acknowledges that to complete make a US down, it would have been $1,300 +

  2. Jason Lee says:

    Where is this jacket made?

  3. Dustin says:

    How many ounces of down are in a men’s lg?

  4. RobCollins says:

    For more specifics, ask:

    Everything I’ve gotten that Patrick Ma’s designed has been made in the USA. TAD Ranger Hoodies, my Litespeed, and everything from PDW as well…

  5. Keith says:

    Well, my cart was loaded, but now on hold until Wednesday.

  6. Eddie says:

    If you go to the product page, click on “specifications” and it clearly says “Imported”. Quite a bit of PDW’s manufacturing has moved overseas…