Juggernaut.Case Gets New Logo

After ten years in production, the Juggernaut.Case brand gets a new logo!

3 Responses to “Juggernaut.Case Gets New Logo”

  1. Ex Coelis says:

    THE only case good enough to protect my iPhone! And if it’s good enough for SOCOM, it’s good enough for me!! Thank you, Juggernaut!!!

  2. JonnyEnglish says:

    payed by the 850USD USB cable for your 250USD Case ;o) DAMN SURE not the “only good enaugh case”, as every Lifeproof(Otterbox) Product has the same specs and comes at a fraction of the cost, and for a bunch of devices. Dunno about you, but an iPhone is so damn untactical considering your OpSec is going straight to Apple. But each to his own. If you feel like an Operator with it, go for it 😀

    • SSD says:

      The thing is, you’re damned wrong. Those other cases won’t do what these do. If you don’t need it, buy a “good enough” for you. But those aren’t good enough for them that asked for them.