TAC SHIELD Helps Shooters Choose the Right Tactical Sling

November 26, 2019, Pinehurst, NC—When considering the best tactical sling for you, it’s essential to understand the basic functionality of slings and how specific features that they offer can either enhance or make your shooting situation very difficult. 

There are five basic functionality needs for the average rifle shooter when using a sling:

1. Practicality for the situation 

How will you be using your rifle? Is it for home defense? Do you shoot 3-gun? Are you in law enforcement? You may have the perfect sling in your arsenal already—a 2-point sling. The ideal staple not only for the hunt, but also for many applications is a 2-point sling—specifically a quick-adjust version like the TAC SHIELD 2-Point QD Sling with Quick Adjust. A quick-adjust sling gives you the ability to set up a steadier shooting platform, cinch your firearm tightly to your body, or sling it across your back. However, a 1-point sling like the TAC SHIELD CQB or Shock Sling could also work for you. Main difference?  Your rifle is going to hang freely, allow easy shooting on the move rather than from a platform, and a quicker transition to support side if necessary.  Consider functionality for your most-used application when choosing a sling.

2. Quick Adjustability

Whether you are heading to the urban battlefield, range, or the hunt, quick adjustability is vital. Most slings on the market are adjustable, but there will be times, on the move or aiming, that precious seconds can be lost if you are stuck adjusting your sling. A sling with a quick-adjust slider is a must when choosing your sling. The TAC SHIELD 2-point QD Sling with Quick Adjust Sling is again, a wise choice for this function.

3. Maneuverability 

Obviously, 1-point slings are pretty maneuverable, so the maneuverability consideration applies most if you prefer a 2-point sling. Ensure that the sling you choose has enough adjustability to shoot both strong side and support side and keep it at a length that allows it to work on the support side, giving you an edge for a quick transition to defend yourself.

4. Attachments

Pretty simple stuff. HK hooks work with most everything on planet Earth but can be noisy and heavier. That being said, they are the “go-to” choice for single-point slings or slings that have a double to single-point conversion capability like the TAC SHIELD Warrior Sling. QD swivel attachments are excellent because they are low-profile, quiet, and light. They allow for a sling to be quickly transferred to another QD capable rifle for people who are not interested in stocking up on slings. Heavy Duty web-loop slings are certainly the quietest and attach to all long guns easily.

5. Comfort

Not all sling applications require comfort. Running and gunning for fun is typically fast-paced and short term. Carrying long distances or durations are another story, so reach for a padded sling of some type if you plan on slinging your rifle over time. The above-mentioned Warrior Sling comes in a non-padded or padded version (can be a single- or double-point sling and has a quick-adjust slider!) and is an excellent choice for any application.


Finally, think about Value. Here’s the good news. You can get an awesome, American-made sling with all the bells and whistles at a reasonable price. TAC SHIELD’s products offer extensive features and benefits for a price that is more affordable than most of their American-made competitors, on purpose…to give shooters an excellent sling for any purpose at a price that they can afford. And don’t forget that they are also battle-proven by our American soldiers.

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