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82nd Paratroopers Test Command and Staff Palletized Airborne Node

Recently, the 82nd Airborne Division’s Devil Brigade conducted an Airborne Operation. While many Devils were in flight to the drop zone, members of the Brigade Staff were testing the CASPAN (Command and Staff Palletized Airborne Node) – a large, roll-on/roll-off workstation designed for in-flight mission command collaboration with the Key-Leader Enabler Node, allowing Devil 6 to maintain communication with subordinate commanders during flight.

The CASPAN – equipped with ten airline-style seats, four LED screens, ruggedized laptops and headsets – provides yet another advancement to the Devil Brigade, and will allow them to maintain real-time comms during Airborne operations and exercises, like next Spring’s Defender 20 in Europe.

4 Responses to “82nd Paratroopers Test Command and Staff Palletized Airborne Node”

  1. Steve says:

    CASPAN and En route Mission Command brought to you by 50th ESB-Enhanced.

    • Mehmaster says:

      Okay it makes sense. I was wondering how they planned to connect to all the different intrawebs and fm voice out of the back of a unmodified c17

  2. Ex11A says:

    In my day, we used JACKPOT, and we liked it!

  3. Seamus says:

    That is the coolest heavy drop pallet ever. They can update CPOF while under canopy. Talk about multitasking. 😉