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ClickNudge Tool for Scalarworks LEAP Mount by Warren Innovative Technologies

Warren Innovative Technologies continues to create unique tools for the shooter, like the ClickNudge Tool which is meant for use with the Scalarworks LEAP Mount.

It’s small enough to hang on a lanyard (not included) and doesn’t damage your mount’s finish. It quickly indexes to the center of the dial and the rounded polished stainless steel pins engage the serrations. The small yet effective handle allows an ergonomic torque application for mounting or dismounting your optic.

Price is $25 shipped or $20 when buying any of our other products at suppressortools.com.

5 Responses to “ClickNudge Tool for Scalarworks LEAP Mount by Warren Innovative Technologies”

  1. JonnyEnglish says:

    When your toolless mount needs a tool…

    Good thats not by Scalarworks themselfs.

    And 20USD – wow – is 15 USD donated to some charity fond?

    Sorry – but an open source community like on thingiverse will give you the copy of the file free to use anyday.

    • WIT says:

      These are Kevlar-reinforced and made on a $15,000 machine. A customer of ours asked for this and we made sure it was done right. They’re way above and beyond Thingiverse.