TYR Tactical

The Very First Prototype Honey Badger by Q

Tubeless DT silencer, tapered muzzle, Noveske lower, KAC lower parts stuff, printed stock and grip, HK MP-7 rails.

Photo by Ten Pound Monkey.

4 Responses to “The Very First Prototype Honey Badger by Q”

  1. Chuck says:

    Now this is cool shit right here.

  2. Steven Burt says:

    The gun is, but the silencer isn’t, that’s a later model. One of the first HB silencer prototypes was a monocore with a cone and S shaped baffles but that prototype was scrapped because it couldn’t perform well enough. The one pictured above is a 762SDN6 core with a different mount which is what it ended up being, not what it started out as. The barrels were threaded 9/16×24 with a taper to keep things lightweight.

  3. Jk says:

    I gotta ask… why would anyone want the CCO in that ridiculous position?