Dead Air + Noveske “Heat Model” Colt 733 Enhanced Clone package


Michael Mann productions tend to have above average firearms choreography, and HEAT is considered among his best. Dead Air Armament and Noveske Rifleworks seem to agree, because they’ve partnered up to produce an extremely limited “Heat Model” Colt 733 Enhanced Clone package inspired by the big bank shootout from that film, and the Colt 733 wielded by Val Klimer’s character, Chris Shiherlis.

Combo Rollmark

The rifle stars with a Noveske/Dead Air Gen 1 lower receiver with combo logo rollmark, and a Noveske A1E1 upper with shell deflector and forged carry handle, complete with an Elite Smoke Cerakote finish. The furniture consists of a standard carbine M4 handguard, GI charging handle, A2 pistol grip, and CAR15 aluminum stock with Graphite Black Cerakote finish.


The 11.5″ light commando barrel is capped with a Forward Controls Design 6315KM 1/2×28 flash hider, which features direct attachment compatibility with the Sandman-K suppressor that comes with the package. The suppressor itself shares the same Dead Air/Noveske combo logo and serial number as the host 733 clone.

Limited to just 50 units, the “Heat Model” Colt 733 package was available initially to Dead Air ‘ASYLUM’ program members, with the remaining going out to Dead Air’s dealer network. So if you want one, pick it up fast!

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2 Responses to “Dead Air + Noveske “Heat Model” Colt 733 Enhanced Clone package”

  1. greg stone says:

    is the lower a dias ready shelf or no?

  2. PTM says:

    You would have to be a HUGE “Heat” fan to want to spend $3,000 on this. But hey, we can, they can, you can … ’cause ‘Merica.