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ORSWM 20 – Milkman Powdered Chocolate Milk

I’d never thought I’d say hat about powdered anything, but Milkman Powdered Milk tastes great.

It is available in regular and chocolate flavors, it offers a way to take milk with you, wherever you go. Just add water. The quart packages are shelf stable for one-year.

It is low-fat but a quart package of the chocolate offers 18g of protein per serving.

2 Responses to “ORSWM 20 – Milkman Powdered Chocolate Milk”

  1. Ed says:

    How about this product in MRE’s (MORE) instead of that disgusting shake/portein mix that clumps up?

  2. Richie says:

    For anyone wondering, this does NOT contain carrageenan, polysorbate, or any other potentially toxic ingredients. They also use sunflower lecithin as the emuslifier, which means the product is soy free as well. AND their chocolate flavor is actual cocoa and vanilla, not some artificial or “natural” garbage

    I think i need to order some for my ration stash