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Potty Packs Expand Line Lineup

You may have heard of Potty Packs. Their signature product is a single use, wrapper packed kit containing everything you need to use the restroom on the road:

•4 Feet of two-ply Toilet Tissue
•Wet Wipes with Aloe and Vitamin E
•Hand Wipes
•Hand Sanitizer
•Seat Cover

Because, let’s face it, public restrooms can look like a crimescene.

But since this initial success, they’ve greatly expanded their line with other kits, including: Sh!t Kit, Park Pack, First Aid Kit, Tick Kit, Winter Pack, Travel Kit, Hydration Pack, Golf Pack, Period Pack and Hangover Kit.

Below are the actual contents of the kit. The resealable bag is used to place the tick into. Labs can determine if it is infected and may help you prevent unnecessary treatment for Lyme disease.

Even better, it’s a Veteran owned business. Get yours at www.pottypacks.com.

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