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ePIG’s SHOT Show Experience Was ePIC

Not since Falco have we seen such an awesome display of Teutonic Hip Hop skills. It’s great to see that someone had fun at SHOT Show.

8 Responses to “ePIG’s SHOT Show Experience Was ePIC”

  1. Papa6 says:

    Possibly even better than Kraftwerk?!?

  2. T says:

    Genuinely painful to watch. Post cringe, lose subscriber.

    • Dunno, man looks like they just having fun in Vegas. If you don’t like the silly stuff they do solid “normal” coverage as well.

    • Joe says:

      It’s a tad cringey, but it’s nice to see someone actually have fun there and not pack their videos with annoying metal songs and everyone pretending to be tough guys.

      • Werd, may not be everyone’s perfect preference, but ironic times when we are telling visiting Germans to stop having fun, NOW SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS

  3. SVGC says:

    Scranton. WHAT? The Electric City.

  4. JOE says:

    AWESOME, this guys had fun in fuckin Vegas