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UF PRO Now in the USA

UF PRO has launched a US website.

• All of the prices are now in $USD.
• What you see is what you pay. No additional Customs Duty fees.
• Free returns within 30 days.

27 Responses to “UF PRO Now in the USA”

  1. Zach says:

    So basically almost nothing in any pattern other than multicam. Wtf
    Just like any other company that “comes” here. How do they know people don’t want other patterns if no one offers them? Sad

    • T says:

      There’s a pretty consistent amount of stuff in colorways other than MC. Plenty of Green and black within 2 min of searching

    • Klaus says:

      wtf are you talking about?

      We get a bunch of colors (grey, dark grey, black, blue, green, tan), multicam, concamo, flecktarn, greenzone, slocam, and multicam black. And all it took was actually going to their website before posting.

      Just because they don’t have exactly what ‘you’ want doesn’t mean that they haven’t done their market research….you’re one single data point, not a trend.

      • Zach says:

        You contradicted yourself and what site are you looking at, not the US site.
        Concamo, Slocam, GreenZone, flecktarn in what, almost literally nothing. Oh cool multicam options.

        • Zach says:

          Go you guys get what pattern means?

        • t says:

          I’m literally looking at the US site right now, And had to really search to find the 3-4 items that DIDN’T come in patterns other than multicam, And the few items that DIDN’T come in other patterns still came in at least one or two solid colorway. Just be specific in your whining. “They don’t have MARPAT. They don’t have AOR2.” It’ll look less weird.

    • Payce says:

      I don’t know what you’re doing wrong but I’m seeing most pieces of clothing with 4-6 color/pattern choices on the US site.

    • Philip says:

      Why are you being so whiny? It’s a single vendor…don’t like their offerings? Shop elsewhere. This isn’t difficult.

  2. Klaus says:

    well, there goes my paycheck

  3. Zach says:

    So basically almost nothing in any pattern other than multicam. Wtf
    Just like any other company that “comes” here. How do they know people don’t want other patterns if no one offers them?

  4. Zach says:

    Still looking for Slocam and other patterns here in the US. Oh awesome, they don’t even sell pouches for the over $300 Molle smock, love it. But I can get Kung fu pants in a few colors.

    • Sommerbiwak says:

      The US site should offer other options, yes, but Multicam is probabaly the camo pattern most sold on the USA market right now. Makes sense to start with that. UFpro ships internationally from its slovenian site. So if you are so hot for some SloCam action, knock yerself out.

  5. DCJ says:

    Despite some obvious troll comments in this section, I can find almost the whole UF Pro Line Up on the US page, and I am sure the rest will be added shortly.

    People tend to forget production cycles. Seems so easy to get offended these days.

    • Strike-Hold says:


      And here’s a novel suggestion as well, write an email to the company asking for further info about their plans for stocking additional colors and/or camo patterns to the site before reverting to full keyboard kommando….

      • H.C. says:

        Strike-Hold you get outta here with your sensibility and gentlemanly tomfoolery….

      • Philip says:

        Or people can shop another site that better suits their needs instead of being manchildren on an internet comments section! 😉

  6. KPG says:

    Now Crye, open some direct-selling store in Europe please so we can skip paying 250€ for the Shirt and 350€ for a Trouser…
    My UF Pro Striker XT Shirt + HT Trouser are collecting dust as I prefer to wear my chinese OPS Brand. Better fit, more rugged for outdoor with 1000D Cordura and you are not smelling like a donkey in the shirt like with UF Pros Synthetic/Merino Mix which smells the worst after just wearing it for a few hours.

  7. KPG says:

    BTW: Nothing of UF Pro is No Melt No Drip – consider that before you purchase!

    • DCJ says:

      1) No Melt No Drip is a myth. Only FR clothing will give you that protection.
      2) UF PRO does offer 50/50 NyCo products, which everyone regards as “no melt no drip”

      • KPG says:

        UF Pro DOES NOT Offer 50/50 NyCo Shirts at ALL!
        Only the MultiCam Pattern is 50/50 by official MultiCam specs!

        ALL other materials used are 60/40, the Torso part of the Combat Shirts is 100% Polyester like with most chinese/cheap brands.

        So – NOTHING of them is FR, not officialy, and not inofficially!

        If you would have ever worn just 1 UF Pro part you would know that their material composition is far from great,
        it feels bad, you smell bad, you sweat bad in it / it sticks to you … all because the too high Polyester mix.

        The only great is that they offer RAL7013 as color. But UF Pros colors fade away quick (on the Mix Material, the 100% Polyester keeps like of the HT Trouser keeps colors like every other avarage polyester fabric) and you see bleaching after washing it for a few times. Still better than f.e. ClawGear from Austria, but still not anything great.
        The other good idea they had was to make their own Merino mash fabrics, but sadly this idea turns out to be fragile (negative velcro is pulling out fibres at the first touch) and smelling baaaaaaaaaad.

        I rather wear a 100% Polyester shirt as their material mix is really the worst smelling I ever owned. Crye, standard german cotton uniform, OPS brand from China – all felt better than this.

        I really was into UF Pro, exp. as a Europene who had the hope for great local products,
        but I dont see myself buying any of their product line.
        The only interessting piece would be the Thermal-Proof Uniform they advertised. But thats for Gov. Purchase only, not even LE/Mil can order it directly.
        If it is available is unknown.
        And its a big “drama” in my eyes as the coating is just by Schoeller. A big fabric manufacture who could simply sell you the coating/fabric for your own goods.

        Now UFPro even got bought up, and Armin (Head of design, Chief of the company aswell) and the other Chiefs of the company now have some shareholder (some major US brand, dont remember right now) owning 49% of their company.

        I will have a look at their X Line at the IWA this year and will decide than if thats a good product. Until now I do not expect it.

        • SSD says:

          I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story on you. There’s always a “rest of the story” when someone goes on and on like this.

  8. Zach says:

    This site is so loaded with pig headed spaz outs it blows me away. There is a reason no one comments on much anymore, they get crucified for pointing out obvious shit. If you paid attention to camo in Europe you would understand they often advertise Slocam since they are a Slovenian company. Other patterns they make that are pretty much absent from the US site are Concamo, GreenZone, and flecktarn. Plain colors are not fucking patterns, but please keep mentioning it.

    • T says:

      I know reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit but on the US site a large number of items are in concamo, greenzone or flecktarn. In what world are they absent?
      Furthermore, how have you lasted this long having the emotional maturity of a toddler?

  9. Biblicalviolence says:

    Zach is just butthurt because he can’t find what the characters in his call of duty video game are wearing.

    • Klaus says:

      Thank you that made my day.

      I wound up in Slovenia last year for some training, near Ljuljana. So i figured going to the store would be cool. Turns out, that was their main building, and man was the store wicked! They even had a scratch and dent section for all kinds of gear. I got so much stuff I had to get another bag….

  10. Jk says:

    Hey Eric, can you apply the big boy rules blocking software to Zach… whiskey tango foxtrot over…

    • Philip says:

      I think this is the same guy who was crying a few weeks ago on an article about the backpack choices made by the Latvian Army as if it personally affected him.

      Seems a little “touched” if you ask me.