Haven Tent

At last week’s Outdoor Retailer I ran into Haven Tents which was originally launched on Kickstarter.

They’ve taken the best of the hammock and tent and put them together. It will accept a sleeping pad and offers a much more stable sleeping platform than a traditional hammock. Additionally, it has a roof which will zip closed so no need for an additional tarp.

As you can see, there’s interior storage and you can even store your pack inside the Haven with you.

10 Responses to “Haven Tent”

  1. T8R says:

    From years of sleeping on aircraft web seat, hammocks and on the ground. I wish I had one of these. How can I buy one?

  2. Magician says:

    I have a the new HavenTent. Arrived Yesterday. Sleeped one night in jt. Sound kevel is super annoying and loud conpared to nylon hammocjs with underquilts. Alao it is reaaaaaaly sensible to level it correctly, more senaitive than traditional gathered end hammocks with brasilian style of laying. The air matress is max. For 10°C envoirements as tested this night, as she gets cool. Haventenrs will offsr insulates pads in the future they sayed, so lets wait for this as other pads with different tubing directuon do not off that great flat lay. The HavenTents quality overall is good, no reason ro complain. But its less comfortable than expected, in terms of instability in all directions as your center of mass sits quite high and easily shifts out to the sides when turning, so you are more prone to fall out, and the same applys for shifting to your head or feet end due to the already mentioned need for perfect leveling compared to a normal hammock. You can see that the center of mass is too higg already by the design, as the promo videos feature a small lady which can barely sit in the hammock without touching the ridge line. I am 180cm/75kg and can not sit in comfy as I interfere with the ridge ljne. Also I did not layed flat in it, as the concave design is ment to support your hips. For me it turns out that the concave shapped is so strong that I do not push it flat by my weight, so when I am in a position laying on my back, my feet and head is lower than my hips! But this makes sleeping on the stomach even better if thats important to you. Lastly: I think the design is made too solid. Could be ligthend up in Vsrsion 2 as it features heavy fabrics due to waterproof coatings and it has heavy webbings sewn in and as ridge line. I am not assosiated with HavenTents and payed for my product – so this is no sponsored review. I would only recommend this product if you exacrly know what you are doing. I wantes it to be finaly a good lay-flat hammock, but it isnt perfect yet and comes with some draw backs by design.

    • Strike-Hold says:

      Thank you. Have you also tried using it on the ground, like a traditional one-person tent?

      • Magician says:

        No i havent, but i do not guess theres anything special to report. Just a regular bug bivy tent with waterproofness and an air pad. Will condens up in there as far as I expect, which is why i would not use the integrated rain fly in rainy seasons but rather use a bigger tarp which has more air cieculation. But the ground sleeping feature is definitly only a secnd option for scenarios where it extends your capabilitys. You will never want to prefer that method. If you are a ground sleeper that product will seem reasonable to you – but what makes it truly special is if you observe it from the hammock point of view and how it compares among them. I took a nap right now in it again, and with even less air in the pad it didnt felt like pushing my hips way above my head anymore – but only when its super low on air. Like 30%. Definitly needs thermal insulation like this, as I got a chill in a 20°C room now. Something I expected befor and is a general drawback of uninsulated air pads.

        • Magician says:

          Tje advertised idea of taking your backpack inside by the way will NEVER work with any kind of hammock. Tested it several times with all kinds of hammocks, but the weight shift will always impact the feedback of the hammock and interfere with the comfort for sleeping. Its a super old idea in the hammock commubity but never works out good. Even 3kg Backpacks which are empty tend to shift the weight already too much. It than gets a game of balancing gear to the right and left until it fits. Only option I see is, that you prepare your kit and have some scale, so you make 2 junks of weight both weighing routhly the same. So, to me HavenTents claiming this as a feature kind of indicates to me that they are not expirienced with hammock use that much and go new into the game with this concept of a bridge hammock + air pad, but promoting features that are not necessary or already known as not working. Like wateproof fabrics, which are a nogo for hammocks, or the use of heavy webbings, or the promoting of features that will not work that great.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for the review, but that was one of the hardest things I’ve read in a while. Please proof read next time.

      • Magician says:

        Sorry – was online with the phone while having the morning cup of coffee and was to excited it got a feature here on SSD.

  3. Magician says: could be added in the article, there you can order it off the shelf for smth like 300USD which is a great deal compared to what you receive

  4. Tim Nichols says:

    I have an ENO Roadie. I feel like this slings too low for that setup. Really wish SmittyBuilt or Yamika would make a side hanger.

  5. Papa6 says:

    I’ll just stick with my very old Hennessy Hammock. I added a full-length zipper between the hammock and the bug screen years ago for ingress and egress. Don’t have to use the “birth canal” unless I really want to.