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New QD Sling Loops From Strike Industries

The Strike Industries Quick Detach Sling Loop can be removed with a single hand. Simply squeeze the mechanism for attachment and detachment.

Instead of a traditional push button QD that is tough to disengage, the patent pending side to side mechanism allows for uninterrupted quick attach and detach while the sling is in use.

Crafted from 17-4 Stainless Steel and after a quench polish quench (QPQ) process, the durability of the sling loop is greatly increased.

The enhanced geometry of the sling loop allows the strap to never pinch, bite, or roll around the interior of the loop.

7 Responses to “New QD Sling Loops From Strike Industries”

  1. Mark says:

    “traditional push button QD” sling loops are not “tough to disengage”, and they can easily be “removed with a single hand”.

  2. J.V. says:

    Looks awfully similar to the Magpul version, albeit the direction/type of actuation is different.

    • Roecar says:

      My thoughts exactly when I first saw it. But then again SI’s speciality is changing the design 10-15% to avoid legal trade dress issues.

  3. JK says:

    These look pretty good. I used to like QD sling swivels, never had a problem in shitty desert AOR’s, then I started working in really wet/cold AOR’s and discovered that QD DL’ing swivels are horrible. They rust out, and when wet and the temps drop can and will freeze in the sockets. Switched my QD’s out to the magpul fixed QD loops, and put h&k hooks on my slings

  4. Gerald says:

    The mini might be better than using a loop of paracord thru the handguard connected to a hook on the end of the sling. I have our hooks electrical taped for quiet but it prevents easy removal. Hmmmmm.