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SOFWERX – Blast Exposure Monitoring System Collaboration Event

SOFWERX, in concert with USSOCOM Program Executive Office (PEO) SOF Warrior (SW), will host a Blast Exposure Monitoring (BEMO) System Collaboration Event (CE) in April 1st, to identify solutions to blast overpressure exposure recognition. This event will be a compelling opportunity for the leading minds in Industry, National Labs and Academia to better understand and influence current SOF needs.

Experts in the following areas are encouraged to apply:


• Blast pressure sensor capable of detecting 0.5 to 100 psi 

• Batteries/Wireless rechargeable atteries

• Mounting/wear options on kit or civilian clothing

• Microphone(s) to capture acoustic events

• Acoustic event counter to count events that exceed safety levels (>140 decibels)

• Trigger count for a dynamic environment (multiple weapons being fired in a small area) 


• Automation of blast data analyses and output 

• Algorithm(s) for identifying weapons being fired on a range

• Blast data visualization that are intuitive, informative and easily understood

• Algorithm(s) for identifying directionality or blast and differentiating incidental from reflective overpressure readings on wearable blast gauge sensor

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