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Agilite K19 – “The Plate Carrier Re-Defined” Now Shipping

The K19 Plate Carrier, which Agilite are calling “The Plate-Carrier Re-Defined” is officially shipping to the general public from today, March 5th. 

They describe it has having numerous subtle but revolutionary features that no other plate carrier has as explained in the official video on the product page.

Designed, tested and battle-proven in Israel with some of the IDF’s most elite units, The K19 has been through 20 rounds with ISF SOF before officially being cleared for release today. 

Unique features include a new Egress™ Quick-release system and proprietary Fast-Adjust™ Cummerbund that can be adjusted and fine-tuned in real time, by the wearer. Many modern plate carriers employ Quick-release mechanisms but they always come at the expense of not being able to adjust the fit easily, quickly and by yourself.  

Other notable features include a one-size-fits-all cummerbund that actually fits well on all body sizes and types and a multi-size plate bag absolving the need to make complicated and risky sizing choices when buying. 

You know the K19 will always fit you or members of your team regardless of your loadout or mission set. This is also important for procurement professionals who can be sure it will fit all their guys (or girls) well.  

It is available in Multicam, Ranger Green and Black on the Agilite Website here or on GSA here.

For government sales quotes contact govsales@agilitegear.com


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