G-Code 3Fer Combo Pack

G-Code Holsters refers to their Bang Box as “Tactical Tupperware.”

This ammo storage kit consists of 3 Bang Boxes, 3 Ammo label patches and a 3Fer bag which is perfect for 200-300 rounds. It allows you to eliminate the wasteful dunnage involved with taking ammunition to the range.

The zippered pouches feature a pocket sewn on the inside of the lid and the Velcro strip on the top outside of the lid for placement of one of G-Code’s PVC caliber patches. 

Offered in a variety of colors and patterns. Also available as a 2FER combo.

One Response to “G-Code 3Fer Combo Pack”

  1. Another Ed says:

    Alternatively, at little or no cost to you, you could bring back the empty packaging aka “wasteful dunnage” for disposal on your return from the range.