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Regulus Global Prepared To Provide Field Hospitals To Deal With COVID-19 Pandemic

Some months back I visited Regulus Global to discuss the fully equipped field hospitals they have been providing to the UN for Ebola response in Africa. Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic, I thought it was a good idea to share some of the information I learned.

Regulus Global has a history of providing fully functional, ready-to-deploy, scalableĀ UN Level II Mobile Hospitals.

They provide Medical shelter modular systems which are mobile and rapidly-deployable featuring liners (with floor) to provide a clean environment for medical operations. Additionally, there is a pre-installed electrical system and air distribution plenum is standard.

They offer complete infrastructure/inventory for stabilization and treatment-in-place of patients during mass-gathering incidents. These include an Emergency Medical Treatment and Triage Solution Module (E-MTTS MOD). There are also three configurations for surge-capacity patients (12 bed, 25 bed hub and spoke and 25 bed square) which can be scaled by combining as needed. These freestanding units are designed for quick set-up and can be augmented with medical equipment and supply sets to provide a total turnkey solution for mobile medical needs.

Other options include alternate care sites used during a mass casualty event and/or drive-thru distribution systems for use during a pandemic all the way to hospital surge facilities.

Of particular interest during this current crisis, their Drive Thru Clinic System offers a versatile mode of providing services or conducting checkpoints.

Modular Mobile Hospital Configurations, including surgery, can provide complete stand-alone mobile hospitals customized for 12 to 100 beds or more.

Regulus will work with the customer to provide the right-sized mobile medical facility. Everything arrived kitted and ready-to-go. In many cases, transportation boxes are used for storage and as furniture in the medical facility.

Regulus Global can also provide full power generation and conditioning along with HVAC solutions as well as billeting and dining facilities for medical and support personnel.

To learn more, visitĀ

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