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TYR Tactical Introduces Huron DLV Soft Face Mask and Filter

When TYR Tactical owner Jason Beck told me a few weeks ago he was working on a filter system, I wasn’t surprised. He’s been in the personal protective products business for decades. What did surprise me was how fast they brought the technology to market. Turns out, his team had been working in this for about six weeks.

They have just received results back from the lab and they are so promising that TYR has submitted the filtration media to NIOSH for N95 certification but that process can take an additional 10 weeks or more. Until they receive proper certification, TYR Tactical is not promising that this product meets the NIOSH, but rather that it has done so in independent testing to remove 95% of all particles 0.3 microns and above.

As soon it started to look like they were on to something with the filter, they came up with a cloth mask to wear it. It’s a straight forward design with a pocket for the filter and tapes which can be tied to suit different face sizes.

The masks are offered in MultiCam, OD, White, Medical Blue and Grey.

The MultiCam and OD versions are made from a Burlington hot weather fabric which has not been treated with Permethrin for those who are sensitive to the anti-mosquito treatment. The other colors are a cotton fabric, also free from treatments. All are machine washable.

They are prepared to make up to 25,000 masks per week.

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DLV Soft Mask

DLV Filter

The full Spec sheet for the filters and mask can be downloaded here.

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