Samson Manufacturing Offers Evolution Handguards in FDE!

Samson Manufacturing is now offering their popular Evolution Series handguards in FDE, including the standard Evolution handguards, the Evolution EX handguards, and the Evolution KeyMod handguards.

All Evolution handguards feature a free-floating AR-15 rail system. Being lightweight and durable the Evolution Series handguards are the perfect upgrade for 3-Gun competition shooting, law enforcement, military personnel, and even the weekend enthusiasts.

Accessory picatinny rails can be added or removed at any of 7 positions around the rail and any place along the length of the tube. The Evolution Series handguards accommodate most piston systems.

The standard Evolution Series and the EX Series include thermal bushings, two (2) 2″ accessory rail kits, one (1) 4″ accessory rail kit and wrenches. The Evolution KeyMod hand guards do not include the accessory rails.

For more information on these, and all of Samson Manufacturing’s products, visit the Samson website.

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