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The EINHERJER 2.0 & 3Mag Placard from Stratagem

From our friends in Germany, Stratagem comes the EINHERJER 2.0 and 3Mag Placard


Einherjer (old north. “the one who fights alone”)

• ROC® Buckles allow the carrier to be put on and taken off or removed from the body in seconds
• ROC fasteners in the shoulder area are adaptive and can be replaced or exchanged for other fasteners at any time
• the laser-cut PALSTEX laminate provides a smooth and flat surface with complete modularity
• large loop front surface and laser cut holders for attaching optional placards using QASM buckles or G-Hooks (3Mag Placard available in the shop)
• Shoulder pads with Velcro loops for guiding cables and drinking tubes
• Separate compartments for soft and hard ballistics allow the storage of ballistic plates up to size L (SAPI Cut) or standard BW plates
• Optional pockets for soft and hard ballistics can be attached to the skeleton cummerbund
• Admin compartment allows 3 pistol magazines or other equipment to be stowed away Fluffy areas in the front and back area for attaching ID patches
• Size: “One Size Fits Most” (adjustment of the size is done with fleece and velcro)

3Mag Placard

• Mag Placard suitable for 5.56 magazines like G36 PMAG, SteyrAUG, AK and AR
• 3er Mag Placard suitable for the EINHERJER and MITHRIL plate carrier and the Chestrig Adaptiv
• Placard can be attached to the respective platform quickly and easily using G-Hooks and Velcro
• Elastic webbing ensures a wobble-free fit of the magazines and a fast pulling process
• Magazines can be carried safely in the magazine pocket even without the removable safety catch (the optional safety catch with Pull Tab and Shock Cord is included)
• Compatible with similar systems of other manufacturers
• Entire bag is constructed of durable PALSTEX laminate

Available colors: ConCamo, Ranger Green, 5 color pattern, Coyote Brown

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