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Happy 12th Anniversary To Us

Soldier Systems Daily; it all started with a redeye flight from San Diego to Norfolk and a copy of Wired magazine. I had wanted to start writing again and there was this article on the rivalry between tech blogs Gizmodo and Endgadget. I learned that a blog could be about something tangible and decided to use the format. Not long after, SSD was born. It started as a means to keep me off the streets at night, but within a year became a full time job. I’m so grateful to be able to do something I love.

Earlier this week we hit our 12th year of existence, publishing a daily website. Naturally, I missed the anniversary. So here we are, patting ourselves on the back a few days late. How ironic considering how much I sweat over always being on time.

Yeah, I’ve outlasted most of the competition. But the truth is, we wouldn’t exist without our loyal readers and fantastic advertisers. Many of them are small business owners, feeling the pinch of these tough times like everyone else. Please support them when you get a chance and keep reading; daily, it’s in the name.

Eric Graves

35 Responses to “Happy 12th Anniversary To Us”

  1. Scott Meyer says:

    Congrats and many more years to come. Keep up the great work.

  2. Rob371 says:

    Congrats Eric. This is a daily read for sure. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Auckland says:

    Fantastic to hear. I make it my first stop on the internet in the morning and before I hit the sac.
    All the best!

  4. Anthony Alexander says:

    Outstanding job and congratulations SSD. Professional , well thought out and entertaining at times digest of information. Thanks for your effort!!

  5. Jordan G. says:

    Congrats Eric! You have provided keen insight on whats going on in the industry. I wish you well in many more years ahead.


    Jordan G.

  6. Kevin says:


    I have been a faithful reader and truly appreciative of the resource since day one. I still miss the wisdom and behind-the-scenes of the gear guru page. Keep on keeping on, man!

  7. Mike Perry says:

    Happy 12th! Hope you have 12 more!

  8. MRC says:

    Great job Eric, now it’s time to start looking at your end game and enjoying retirement!


  9. Strike-Hold says:

    And the rest is history….

    Congratulations on 12 years of awesomeness! How time flies though eh?

  10. SShink says:

    Happy Birthday – thanks for all of your efforts. The industry appreciates SSD and you’ve become part of our daily regimen. Looking forward to the next 12

  11. Mick says:

    Congrats. I check at least every third day, but usually more.
    Shopped with some of your advertisers, too!

    Faves (in no particular order)
    Stuff about official military weapons/clothing/gear programs and pieces of kit. Master Guns and Corps Strength
    Terry Baldwin on field gear
    Lots of the leadership stuff

  12. Steve Cassell says:

    Simply the best and frankly the only industry relevant blog out there.

  13. Support Guy says:

    Congrats to you and your family on the accomplishment.

    It has been a pleasure knowing you for so long and I always look forward to seeing you at the shows.

  14. BrettW says:

    Congrats Bruddah!

  15. Happy Anniversary and Thank you so Much for all that you have done for our industry and those who serve this country and defend the principles it was founded upon.

    Godspeed to you Sir.

  16. Christine says:

    Happy Anniversary and congratulations, Eric! Thank you for providing such great industry information! Keep up the amazing work!

  17. MR Buck says:

    Congratulations and many thanks!

  18. Ex Coelis says:

    Eric, congratulations and thank you for you and your team’s many years of hard work. Loved watching this site evolve and grow over the past twelve years. Looking forward to many more years…

  19. Jim says:

    12 years down and many, many more to go.

    Congratulations it’s good to see all your hard work paying off

  20. Alpha2 says:

    One of the few sites I check daily. Thank you for your hard work and congratulations on twelve years!

  21. BigD says:

    Persistence pays! Congrats, Eric…you have the best gear/technique blog anywhere, on any subject. Thanks for showing us how it should be done with a smart, opinionated and fair platform that has endured far beyond the readable half-life of most fishwrap. Keep it up, sah!

  22. Desert Lizard says:

    My favorite website. Good writing with interesting content and fair opinions. Congratulations on the success!

  23. Desert Lizard says:

    My favorite website. Good writing with interesting material and fair opinions. Congratulations on the success!

  24. Mel Terkla says:

    Congrats Eric! You are the Gear Guru extraordinare?! Love SSD and keep up the good work!

  25. Jeb says:

    First site I look at when I grab my IPotato after morning chores. Appreciate everything this site offers with knowledge, solid sponsors, great comments and the diversity of articles. The core base of your regular readers/comments are versed on offering advice, good or bad, on many of the articles and your articulated responses to many things are solid. Much thanks and happy anniversary, Eric.

  26. AbnMedOps says:

    Congratulations! You have carved out a very worthwhile niche.

  27. Shteve-Oh! says:

    That’s awesome Eric, way to go! Celebrate the journey

  28. CapnTroy says:

    Good work Gear Guru!

  29. Robert says:

    Congratulations and long live SSD!
    You’re been a daily read for me for many of those years.

  30. Gary M says:

    Best wishes for continued longevity. You supply me with knowledge in one place that I could not otherwise obtain. You have also cost me a lot of money with so many things I want and need.
    Thank you for supporting all the non profits who need the exposure for all the great work they do helping so many who have given so much.

  31. MS_TB says:

    Congrats. Mission Accomplished. Looking forward to the next 12.

  32. MM says:

    Congrats Eric!

  33. Bill Murphy says:

    Congrats Eric, SSD is great because you’ve been great way longer than just 12 years ago homie!