Phoozy – Apollo II Cell Phone Cover

Apollo II Cell Phone Cover by Phoozy will protect your mobile device in several ways.

The cover contains a chromium thermal barrier to prevent overheating when in direct sunlight.

The same chromium barrier helps prevent freezing of the device in the cold.

It also helps keep the device afloat in case it falls overboard. Finally, the material also absorbs the shock of drops.

Offered in two sizes, the Apollo is available in several colors, including Woodland Camouflage.

5 Responses to “Phoozy – Apollo II Cell Phone Cover”

  1. Jason says:

    This is one of those times that a camouflage pattern might not be best … considering how often I lose my phone, maybe a blaze orange one would be ideal 🙂

  2. R711 says:

    So, does it also act like a mini-RFID cage for the device?

    • Josh I says:

      The PHOOZY does not block WiFi, Bluetooth or cell signals, so you can hear incoming calls, texts and stay connected to your accessories (i.e. to your smartwatch, Bluetooth speakers or other Bluetooth accessories).