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Warren Innovative Technologies – Suppressor Socket System

Since Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC believes in continuous improvement and taking things to the next level, we have developed a socket set that incorporates all of the features of our legacy full-size wrenches but with important differences. A lot of time and thought went into these:

– The sockets are smaller than the full-size wrenches and use a ½” square drive handle, which is available at hardware stores, plus we have our own lightweight compact handle.

– Sockets can also be used without a handle, but the option is there for applying serious torque.

– Sockets are MADE IN THE USA on a Stratasys F120 3D printer out of solid injection mold grade ABS-M30 polymer, which is considerably stronger than typical 3D printed ABS.

– These polymer tools won’t damage mounts or front caps.

– Stainless steel dowel pins are used on sockets that require them for certain spanner features.

– Each one of the sockets has dedicated holes for parachute cord lanyards (AKA dummy cords).

– The sockets can be conveniently stored on storage strips that are available at hardware stores (not included). Detents are on all four sides of the ½” squares.

– The numbering system with suppressor make/model key eliminates the need to update tool identification markings as suppressor names evolve or as compatibility expands (Kraken/Mod9, Octane/Octane 2.0, Omega 9K/45K, Sandman/Nomad, etc.). Only our list needs to be updated, which will be on our website.

– The web address is on the bottom of each socket and on the top of the handle, minimizing the brand footprint. Some potential customers complained that the company name and city were on the full-size wrenches, so the identification markings were minimized. A customer can have additional text laser engraved if desired.

– Sockets are capable of withstanding serious torque, which makes them perfect for use with Energetic Armament Vox Blox soft vise jaws, which are available in our webstore.

– If you break one, we will replace it – but that’s not likely to happen.

– Suppressors should be allowed to cool below 200? F before using the sockets.

– The complete socket set is available at a considerable savings.

– Our socket handle is designed to keep the handle’s axis as close to the socket spanners as possible, thereby minimizing torque coupling. The parachute cord handle enables quick ergonomic socket removal while allowing a firm grip on each socket type. A steel ½” male square socket interface is retained in the handle by a spring-loaded detent. The handle’s other end has a ½” female interface for keeping the handle with the sockets on a storage strip.

Suppressor Socket System Number Key:

00 Socket Handle

01 Omega 9K

01* Omega 9K 18mmX1

02 SiCo 3-Pin

02* SiCo Bravo 3-Pin

03 Octane

04 Hybrid

05 Spectre II

06 Sparrow

07 TiRant

08 Oculus

09 Rugged Rifle

10 Obsidian

11 Male, Female 3-Lug

12 Mask

13 DA 4-Pin

14 Wolf-9SD

15 Ghost

16 Wolfman

16* DA 8-Lug Small Pin

17 Ghostman

18 Kraken/Mod9

19 Liberty Regulator

20 Liberty Mystic-X/Cosmic

21 SRD22X

22 SRD9/45

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