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Brigantes Presents – XSRE Lock and WallDo Accessory Carabiners

Everyone’s favourite accessory carabiner now has a screwgate locking option for added security.

Made with the same attention to detail as all standard size DMM carabiners, the Helix Tactical XSRE carabiner is a beautiful, high performance accessory clip that has a functional industrial pedigree, yet crosses over easily into everyday life situations.

Widely adopted for non-PPE use on industrial worksites, the XSRE is just as useful on a tree care harness to organise gear as it is clipping keys onto a belt loop. The narrow, snag-free nose pierces rope and allows easy installation of remote systems.

The new screwgate locking version gives increased security when required – perfect when working at height. 

Alternatively, the WallDO is an offset oval wiregate that has versatility and style in abundance. It has been developed as a do it all workhorse – a carabiner that will perform in any role you can throw at it.

The large, shallow baskets provide a similar performance to an oval, while maintaining a bias towards the back of the carabiner to increase strength. Webbing sits comfortably at either end and they work as well with etriers and haul bags as they do on backpack straps. They can accommodate multiple connection points, allow efficient racking of wires and are suitable for use in all conditions from summer trad to winter epics.

With a large gate opening and narrow nose the WallDO can be clipped into anything from complicated anchors to tiny pegs. Available in matt grey.

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7 Responses to “Brigantes Presents – XSRE Lock and WallDo Accessory Carabiners”

  1. Stickman says:

    “Sorry, but all of the products from are restricted items.”

    Not quite sure what that means, but they won’t even show the items with or without prices.

    I’ve been buying Omega Pacific carabiners since the late 80s or early 90s, their prices are great, the product is high quality, and they are available all over the place. I’ve taken crazy falls and used them for life support function hundreds if not thousands of times. If you are an individual and not a group or GOV entity, check them out. At $5 or $6 a piece, its crazy not to have a few in your gear bag.

    I’m sure the showcased carabiners are wonderful, but its a bit obscene to not even allow people to view the page, never mind see a price.

  2. Iggy says:

    OP biners work fine, but certainly not on the same quality level as dmm/helix, different production process the the cost reflects. Vital? No. And the casual user wont see a difference. But handle them all day, every day in complex use and it becomes clear.
    Oh and OP doesnt exist any more.

    • Stickman says:

      I’ve certainly handled nicer biners, but again, they are / were highly functional at a great price point.

      Its a shame they closed up, I hope they are able to reopen at some point, or get bought up so the employees can be retained.

      • iggy says:

        very true, OP filled a big gap for burner biners and rigging, also kept some older designs alive that shouldnt have been lost just due to the cult of the new.

        from what i saw they closed ahead of the game and their assets were bought up, the markets simply moved away from them and they decided not to pursue. how or if that will be filled is a good question.

      • Viv says:

        I believe SMC, (possibly RNR Rescue), and a soon to be named new brand have purchased the dies, machines And intellectual property rights to Omega, stay tuned….

  3. GAK says:

    FYI: Omega Pacific closed in late January. Likely didn’t make the news because other stuff happened, and lots of OP product is still for sale as retailers draw down inventory.

    • Stickman says:

      Thanks for the intel (and Iggy), I had zero idea they had closed or were even in trouble. Their ovals and Ds will remain a staple in my gear for a long time in my climbing, rescue and tac gear no doubt.