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DSPTCH – Fidlock Watch Strap

DSPTCH has introduced their Fidlock Watch Strap, which naturally enough uses a magnetic Fidlock as a clasp.

The herringbone nylons straps are Black, Coyote, Olive, MultiCam, Burnt Orange and Safety Orange.

Even cooler, you can get them as complete straps or just shirt or long sides so you can mix and match colors.

Offered in both 20 and 22mm widths, in S/M and L/XL lengths, so they’ll fit your Apple Watch as well as most wrists.

4 Responses to “DSPTCH – Fidlock Watch Strap”

  1. JBgleason says:

    Super strong magnet – watch??? Hmmmm…

  2. Maskirovka says:

    Concur. A lot of mechanical watch owners (like me) actually have a degaussing device to correct problems caused by ferrous parts picking up magnetism.

  3. TwoBlueScrews says:

    You really want a hard use watch strap to pass through both spring bars, that way you don’t loose your tool if a spring bar breaks.