An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

22 Responses to “An Idea Whose Time Has Come?”

  1. Seamus says:

    AKA “Over the Beach” Crocs

  2. Eugene says:

    This has been out for at least 3 weeks, and you just now saw it? Ok.

    • SSD says:

      No, I just now posted it. Lots of other stuff way more important kept bumping it. It pleases me to see you are upset that of the 29,000 articles on the website, this is the one that triggered you.

      • Robert says:

        I love this place.

        • Eugene says:

          Damn. Didn’t trigger me, but it sure triggered you. Butthurt salve is on aisle 3. Next to the tampons.

          • UDaBitch says:

            Haha! The old “you didn’t trigger me, I triggered you” defense. You were triggered and everyone saw the bitch leak out of you Karen, or Eugene, or whatever your name is.

            • Just a Dude! says:

              Lighten up Francis!

              …..or is it Francine??? 😉 GROW THE FUCK UP!

              Old MAN Out!

    • Jk says:

      Seriously..? Why the fuck do you even come to SSD…

    • NOYFB says:

      Coming soon to a parallel universe near you:

      Eugene’s Soldier Systems: getting WTF new releases of Crocs foot ware to you BEFORE SSD!

  3. Geoff says:

    Soon to be seen at a RPTC Det near you….

  4. Unimog says:

    Are they Berry compliant and do they have a NSN??? Those tactical drain holes would make post SDV rides so much more comfortable..

    Much better than the current

  5. Jk says:

    Hahahahahaha… hilarious… think they’re jump compatible?

  6. PTM says:

    Do you wear these with, or without, socks?

  7. Airborne_Fister says:

    Damn. Now my CSM will know when I’m wearing my white socks.

  8. the hun says:

    Combat Birkenstocks are more german
    -approved in the blackops on the bitches ehm beaches of Mallorca with white socks, of course!
    But Birkenstock dont produces classic sandal-style boots just clasic non-military footwer….
    a little starteer:
    a “step further:
    and the modern upcycling version for the ones,who really go deep undercover:

  9. the hun says:

    Roofers wear itradionelly shoes with( old) tire solesin Germany:

  10. Papa6 says:

    Put a Panama sole on these mothers and you got a perfect pair of jungle boots!

  11. Graham Crackers says:

    I’m feeling sparky enough with some projects that I might just make them for giggles. Of course, I’ll need to add some ballistics material to protect my toes from my dance partners.

  12. the hun says:

    It may sounds almost, alittle bit crazy

    Think of the possiibilities:
    Kneading dough on the walk…and massaging your footsoles at the same time..
    then for the dark ops deparment “Rosa-Klebb”-soles
    and all around the boots Molle for other oven,may a bit difficult
    but on the other side
    when i read Nnavy-Seals took fridge-sized nukes to (HALO?)jumps from planes tethered to their feet the good old days according to Richard Marchinko-pre miniturarisation-age!

    And some people think, the quarantine is mind-devastating-idiotz
    The next level of tacticool-mission-adaptibel