PocketUp – Terrier Patrol Pack

PocketUp is a small veteran owned business founded by my longtime friend Mel Terkla and his wife Rena. They’ve been making small items over the past few years, but anyone that knows Mel, knows that he loves packs and is the guy behind Kifaru getting into the military pack business about 20 years ago.

They’ve just unveiled their new Terrier Patrol Pack.

Designed as a small patrol/field pack, it is ALICE Pack simple, with no zippers. As Mel says, “just stuff and go!”

It is built with 1000d Cordura and 1050d Ballistic Nylon for extreme durability.

The Terrier has fully adjustable suspension featuring 19” aluminum stays, a contoured waistbelt that wraps the iliac crest, wide/padded shoulder straps with lifter straps and adjustable torso length, with a dual density foam back panel. A waistbelt is also included with the Terrier.

There is a fixed top lid with 5 rows and 6 channels of PALS webbing , and a full field of Velcro under the top lid to attach Velcro back pouches for small items that you need to access quickly.

The front of the pack has 9 rows and 6 channels of PALS webbing allowing plenty of real estate to mount PALs compatible pockets.

There are tab loops on the top lid and the bottom of the pack to attach their PocketUp Pods, or lash gear to.

The flat/bellowed side pockets lay flat when not being used, but can bellow out to expand the capacity of the pack, and hold lots of extra gear. The main bag and the side pockets have roll top closures.

The Terrier is bladder friendly with a bladder compartment in the main bag, and the ability to carry bladders in the side pockets, with all 3 having hose ports.

They supply elastic strap keepers for all the compression straps and the 2” shoulder strap webbing.

Like all of their packs, these are built on order, but Rena had to build one in Coyote and one in Ranger Green for photos.

The Terrier is now live on the website and ready to order. The price is $450.00 for Coyote or Ranger green and $475.00 in Multicam, that includes the waistbelt offered in 3 sizes.

They do not use sewing contractors like most of the big companies do now. Every PocketUp product is built by Rena…Made in the USA!

19 Responses to “PocketUp – Terrier Patrol Pack”

  1. Mike B. says:

    That pack is over priced. a 35Liter pack should never cost that much. There are others brands of packs that are very good, and costs a lot less.

    • Lasse says:

      Expensive doesn’t mean overpriced. That’s 2 very different things.

    • Vic Toree says:

      There’s always someone upset about what a thing costs with no other feedback. If it’s not going to work for you, that’s cool, you’re not the target audience for it. US Made packs are not cheap.

      Compare to Mystery Ranch, Kifaru, Hill People Gear, and the like rather than foreign made mass-produced packs or you’re looking at apples and oranges.

      It’s a little more than similar MR ($10-$15 more than the Komodo Dragon, depending on color), more or less than what you might find at HPG (depending on model, they don’t have a straight 35L so you’d be less than a full Decker setup and more than a Connor or Umlindi).

      Also none of the above are currently designed by Mel, and that’s going to carry weight with some shoppers.

    • phelgm says:

      *Squints in Arcteryx LEAF*

    • Jason says:

      There’s other packs this size that cost more and offer less.

      This pack offers a completely new waist belt system which is incredibly comfortable and higher quality than any of the other brands you’re thinking of.

      Like as Vic said, most big brands like mystery ranch are close in price.

      Like the Komodo Dragon pack which is nowhere near as comfortable as the Terrier Patrol Pack.

    • Jon C. says:

      You’re demonstrating a lack of knowledge about economies of scale, pack pricing and definitely of PocketUp, in terms of its status as a brand and a small, two-person business.

      You should research what MOQ means, in terms of raw and finished components.

  2. Chucker says:

    Way to go Mel & Rena! Huge accomplishment in a relatively short time!

  3. Brian Kroon says:

    Well done Rena and Mel, well done indeed!!


    Brian Kroon

  4. Dale Farr says:

    Awesome work Mel and Rena! Superior design and craftsmanship as always.

  5. Bob says:

    Looks like a really nice pack, I will be looking forward to see if they make a smaller version for EDC.

  6. SteveB says:

    Mel, it’s been too long! I really like the looks of this ruck…similar to Loco. Like the roll top lids too. A quality, smaller sized top loader sans zippers is hard to find these days. Great bushcraft design…hope to chat soon!

  7. Raul says:

    Very very cool. When evaluating price and function, don’t forget who you’re buying from too. Good people are a bonus here and not to be discounted or overlooked.

  8. Tito says:

    Looks like Becker molle ver with Mel twist, nice!

  9. Jason says:

    Awesome pack Mel & Rena!

    I got a chance to check this pack out and it is truly amazing.

    Also fits extremely well over a plate carrier.
    I tested it with the Crye LV-MBAV and it sat better against the plates than any other packs Ive tried so far.

  10. Torch says:

    Great looking pack from one of the best designers in the biz!

  11. todd says:

    Nice work on these packs!!,
    I’d like to see one of these idiots that always say something is too expensive to try and make something. Go source the materials, trims get the sewing machines and have at it. Sew something for less with more features. Or source everything and have it contract sewn in the US for less. I’ll sit and wait…..

  12. Jack MF Vice says:

    I have been waiting for someone to invent this patrol pack for a decade! I have been through lots of packs to include Alice, various MR’s, HPG, Kifaru, Maxpedition, Savotta, LBT (many), TAD, Granite Gear, Vanquest, Tasmanian Tiger. Most seemed to be compromised in some way (except Savotta and the Kifaru X-Ray). If it’s Kifaru quality without all those mechanical failure points known as zippers, it will be worth every penny! My order is in and I’ll post a short review once I get.