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1791 Gunleather Holsters Available for New Optic-Ready Glock G43x and G48

Miami, FL – Optic ready firearms are not a new concept and manufactures today continue to expand existing models as well as bring out several new firearms that are optic capable as well as OEM equipped. There is a major shortage in quality holsters that perform at the highest standard for today’s variety of optic ready firearms. At 1791 Gunleather we identified that shortage and challenged it head on with now over 20 holsters that fit over 100 models of optic ready firearms. We are excited to introduce 2 more optic ready holsters for the popular Glock G43x and G48.

Glock first introduced the slimline G43x and G48 in July of 2019. Since then the slimline frame and 10-round capacity firearms have become incredibly popular with shooters of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. Now, Glock has introduced a new feature to these two popular models, a Micro Optic System (MOS) configuration, and 1791 Gunleather has holsters ready for the new versions of these sidearms.

“We will continue to create new designs and modify existing models to meet the needs of armed America,” said Alex Toussieh, COO of 1791 Gunleather. “Leather is a very obliging material and our leather working artisans are the best in the world.”

The new design is a great feature for the two, already popular, firearm models. Many shooters have come to love the MOS-style optics for self-defense and other close-quarters shooting scenarios. The quick target acquisition and improved shooter accuracy are benefits that shooters of all skillsets can enjoy. With 1791 Gunleather, users of these new models have premium quality holster options offering the perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

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