New MOA and Metric Targets by Rite in the Rain, Precision in Zeroing

TACOMA, WA – November 5, 2020 – Rite in the Rain® is proud to announce two new zeroing targets, Target product numbers: #9129 (MOA) and #9130 (MIL). 

Both targets are produced on proprietary Rite in the Rain® cardstock paper, removing any concern of targets falling apart under adverse weather conditions. In addition, the targets present clean bullet holes for ease of analyzing shot groups or scoring targets.

Rite in the Rain® Product #9129 (NSN 6920-01-660-0348), is an improved A8 Target, based on the original US Army A8 featured in Training Circular (TC) 3-22.9. Designed to make subtle, yet substantive improvements to an already superior design. The improvements are functional and aesthetic. The # 9129 target design is subdued to present a cleaner target presentation for shooters, proving a better focus on the center of visible mass and providing a more useable scoring target for short range marksmanship training. The zeroing adjustment grid is upgraded, using true minute of angle (MOA) in place of shooter MOA. This allows greater fidelity in making sight adjustments. #9129 offers a more precise zero, with less time and ammunition expended. The final improvement is the addition of directional arrows, to show sight correction directions.

Rite in the Rain® Product #9130, eliminates the need for Soldiers to calculate their mean point of impact (MPI), adjustment in MOA, and conversion into mils. The .1 mil grid is designed to facilitate zeroing aiming devices with adjustments in mils for the following weapons:

-AN/PEQ-15/15A, M-249 Iron Sights

-M145 Machine Gun Optic

-SIG Tango 6 optic used with the M-110A1 Squad Designated Marksman Rifle (SDM-R)

Product #9129 can be ordered by NSN 6920-01-660-0348, through normal supply channels. 

Both Product #9129 and #9130 can also be ordered through GSA advantage or directly from Rite in the Rain® at

Produced in collaboration with Canebrake Consulting. Proudly USA Made!

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