SIG Sauer Academy

Patchwork Camo Teddy Bears

999 Defense creates patchwork teddy bears featuring a wide variety of camouflage patterns.

The fabric comes from old military uniforms and each run of 12 bears is made in collaboration with Kumanokoido in Brooklyn, NY.

They feature US Desert Night Camo and a combination of all or some of the following camo:
Czech Jehlici
Filipino NP SAF Camo
German Flecktarn
Guyanese Defense Force Tiger Stripe
Irish Paddyflage
Italian M29
Norwegian M98
Russian Arbuz
Slovenian SloCam
Swedish M90
Swiss TAZ 83
Turkish Tubitak Arid

3 Responses to “Patchwork Camo Teddy Bears”

  1. Alpha2 says:

    I was going to get one for my Daughter but they’re all sold out.

  2. Kevin Larkin says:

    So basically he looks like a Russian grunt. 😀

  3. Unimog says:

    More like opening days of the Gulf War, we had 3 color desert , night desert, woodland, chocolate chip……